NFL Playoff "Calls"

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    Indy, New Orleans, Ravens, Eagles
  2. Indy, NO, KC, GB
  3. LOLOLOLOL......0 and 2 so far! :eek:
  4. KTS.......any adjustments to your CALLS? :eek:
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    I didn't grow up on football, so somebody expert explain this to me from the risk/reward point of view:

    New Orleans is down 7 pts in the 4th quarter and they are 6 or so yards away from TD with 4th and 2. These morons go for a kick making 3 points. There was only 5-6 mins left.

    The obvious play to me would have been a 4th try for a TD, because the upside would have been making the game even, and if they don't succeed they are still down just by 7 pts. The time wasn't enough for hoping to make two 3-3 pts kicks from the field, so to catch up or win they still needed a TD anyway.

    At that point they pretty much lost the game, when they called for the wrong play... Unless I am missing something...
  6. The "Pack" might save you from 0 and 4!!! :eek:
  7. 6 minutes in the NFL is a very long time, especially if there are timeouts left. 4th and 2 is low odds, so you get 3, trust your defense after the kickoff, and get another possession. If you go for it and don't get it, you're giving Seattle a chance to make it a 2 score game.
  8. Thank God. I'm getting way too old for this shit.
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