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  1. Arnie


    How 'bout them 'skins? :D
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  2. how 'bout dem COWBOYS! AMERICAS TEAM!!

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  3. Romeo believes in little to no contact in preseason and I guess we are seeing how that plays out now. Injuries galore once again for the Browns. At some point, there is no longer the coincidence factor.

    Harrison does look REAL good. A change of pace back that sets up the screen/short pass very well. Get him some field and that kid is fast and quick. Good thing we waited 3 years to test him out.

    Right now it's bad. The 2 big boys we brought in to stuff the run are apparently only stuffing their faces.

    I think the problem is that Braylon has had the dropsies effective game 1 and Stallworth has yet to play.

    We have ONE legit WR on the field who can't seem to catch the easy balls but will make spectacular behind the back, through the legs while blindfolded catches.

    Stallworth was injured in pregame the first game and has not played as a Brown. Jurevicious had his knee scooped and then staff infection. He's on the PUP list.

    So there's no one to throw to outside of Braylon and Winslow.

    I disagree 100%. See above for why. DA has no one to throw to and soon I think we'll see Quinn have the same problems.

    No WRs = No passing game.


    In the end, I think Romeo's tenure here is all but done. Unless we kill Cinci and get recharged in the bye week, I can't see how he lasts the entire season w/ the team playing so poorly. He's a terrible motivator and just looks so lax at times out there. No real fire or drive.

    I think Marty Schotenheimer is still out there.... :D
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  4. Cubano, I feel your pain...somewhat. I had Brady, he was my first pick in my 12-team auction league, and I paid $22 for him ($100 cap league). BUT, I also picked up Ronnie Brown for $1 - ONE DOLLAR! - in the tenth round thinking he may be useful in the second half of the season when he's fully healthy. Looks like I'll be using him in week 5 on depending on matchups. I also have Matt Forte and Fast Willie.

    Philip Rivers was my backup to Brady and of course has been my starter. As long as LT doesn't perform, they're airing it out, and Rivers is kicking ass.

    Main thing, though, is that my beloved 'Fins will not have an 0-fer season! I feel like this huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders...can't imagine how good you who live there must feel!

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  5. Cincy took NYG into ot and almost beat them. Browns could easily be 0-4 next week. If they can't beat them then a winless season might be entertained. I wonder what effect losing Jurevicious has had, the guy was never flashy but a rock where dependability was concerned. Maybe his chemistry made a difference. Looking forward to the CAVS now and the addition of Williams at the point. Basketball is back after that period where its popularity was threatened due to image problems ...the Olympics killed that malignancy.
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    browns fan...i know what you are me i waited for him in my draft..he was my number 1 QB, i liked what i saw in the second half of 07 and gambled on not getting a qb in earlier rounds just to pick him up......but 5 INT's has very little to do with recvr's....
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  7. Browns Fan....did you ever see Braylon while he was at Michigan? Dude could barely catch a cold. This year is not the exception for him. Last year was.
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  8. You may be being sarcastic but the guy is a winner. Also, he has to be extremely motivated, considering the exit he received from SD. Personally, I would love to see Marty back coaching the Browns. Who out there is better?
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    Me too. Soon.

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  10. put depends on him cause that pretty boy PISS his panties :D :D :D
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