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  1. Ronnie Brown is BACK.

    Matt Forte is the real deal.

    Randy Moss is almost useless without Brady.

    The Bengals will end the year at .500, the Browns will not (sorry brownsfan).

    What are your thoughts and comments on this exciting NFL season?
  2. I'm glad the Rams brought the mormon boys quire to play defense for em. Made my seagulls look good in their first and possibly only win of the season.
  3. LOL. I think your Hawks will win more than once! That Jones fella looks like the real deal, and once you stop having to sign guys from high schools to play WR you might be surprised.
  4. I'll take Dallas to win it all. They look unstopable w/o even using TO as much as NE used Moss last year. Barber is a dervish. Great blocking etc etc etc.
  5. I wish I could say I am surprised, but after years and years of this, it's part of the game being a Browns fan.

    It does not look good here and I think Romeo's tenure here is about done unless we turn it around quick. He's made some very boneheaded decisions and it cost us points and possibly a game.

    I think we'll see Quinn as well and the fans will realize it's not just one guy that is causing this team issues.

    13 games left, so we'll see.

    But a top 5 pick sure looks nice right now!

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    Miami looked good yesterday... I had New Engalnd def, Randy moss and Cassel in my FFl line up yesterday...lost by 2 points,,, also have Matt Forte.....Had to sit derrick anderson ( what a bad start he is having )....Tom Brady out for season is causing me some major pain , considering Moss was my number 1 pick at 9...he has no trade value whatsoever....
  7. Local radio has said their practises had been way too soft. And, whats with Braylon's hands. He and Anderson have been stinking up the joint. Now, Harrison LOOKS amazing everytime he gets a shot, makes me wonder if he were given over 30 reps a game what might happen up the passing game, if Braylon could actually catch a ball. Its like he had that one amazing catch in the preseason and thats all he needed.

  8. playing DA BROWNS is like running practice drills only easier.

    "hey who we playin' this week? da browns! oooh great another bye week" :D
  9. I haven't seen them play. What's happened to DA? I did see a couple of "highlights" and he looked very tentative.
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    2 TD's 5 INT's.....he should be riding the pine.
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