NFL MVP... Mannine or Peterson?

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  1. Voters are allowed to split their vote 50-50. Would be fitting if the vote were a tie and both named "Co-MVP".... same true for "Comeback Player"...
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    If he (Peterson) would have broken Dickerson's all time single season record you wouldn't be starting this thread...... 2097 yards after a totally blown-out knee. He missed the record by 9 yards.

    I like Pattie-Pie, there's many in Indy although happy now with Luck, were unhappy with Manning's dismissal which gave a fairytale demeanor to his landing in Denver. Both have come back from serious injury. And while Manning has done well with Denver, Peterson has separated himself from the other backs in the league this year.

    Hands down AP.
  3. Understatement, don't you think? (Saw a post during the Bronco's game about Denver establishing a new, all-time NFL record for "average points scored in the 2nd half"... who's mostly responsible for THAT?)

    Neither Broncos nor Vikings would have been playoff contenders without these superstars.

    While the MVP is a "regular season" award... will be curious to weigh playoff results.

    Like I said, I'd like to see a tie in the vote.
  4. Hands down AP. Running backs aren't the same with the type of injury that AP had. The dude is a beast and gives it all every time he touches the ball.
  5. Since he is the only player in the NFL who does that, I can see your point.