NFL Free Agency Goes Nuts

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  1. YOu have to hand it to the NFL. March Madness run up, spring training starting, World Baseball Classic, and what is everyone talking aobut? First, the breathless NFL laobr negotiations which were magically resolved after several cliffhangers. Then free agency. Come on guys, let the other sports get a little oxygen.

    Anyway, a free agency period that looked like it might be disaster for big bucks players because of the absence of a labor deal has turned into one of the most interesting in years. Two Pro Bowl QB's switched teams, a Pro Bowl RB left his team, several other decent QB's are in motion and, as usual, the Redskins made a huge splash the first few days. How the heck can they get all those new contracts under the salary cap?

    I have to say it looks tome like the 'Skins have improved themselves the most. They picked up two quality receivers, including Randle El, they got Adam Archuleta to play along side Sean Taylor, and they got a decent DE.

    I give Miami credit for getting what could be the steal of free agency, Culpepper for a 2nd round pick. Oakland, how'd youlet that happen? Drew Brees to NO could be a good move, but I wouldn't have made th move myself. Guy has a bad shoulder. The Jets found out the hard way that those injuries are not agood thing for a QB. Arizona could have a scary offense now. And is it just me, or do you get the sense that a lot of guys get tired of the Peyton Manning "I'm the Boss" show? Indy looks like a franchise going into a Greenbay -like decline to me.

    "Skins are trying to deal Patrick Ramsey to the Jets. If I'm the Jets I sign former 'Skins and eight other teams QB Gus Ferrotte instead.

    Catch your breath guys, now we have the draft coming up. Reggie, Vince, Matt...who you gonna pick?
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    the situation was just to ripe for Saban not to sink his teeth into...great move for everyone...
  3. Culpepper sucks.

    Miami, it's back to the basement for you.
  4. Culpepper's knee was totally blown out.

    We will see if he recovers. Same questions about Brees and his shoulder.

    They both may be damaged goods....

    What I think is fascinating, is that in many mock drafts, Vince Young has slipped all the way down to the 7th pick...The Raiders!

    Vince Young to Randy Moss?

    Oy vey....

  5. Of all the moves, the Culpepper deal seems to have the best risk/reward. I'm not up on his contract situation, but at most they are taking on a one year obligation. If his knee is no good, they can cut him next year and all they're out is a second rounder, a valuable pick to be sure but not a lock to produce even a journeyman player.

    The downside is he sucked big time last year without Randy Moss to throw to. Plus, this kind of total knee reconstruction is usually a two year recovery, so the Dolphins may not know exactly what they're getting until the 2007 season. Still, the guy is<30, has a big arm and a lot of experience. It's not like he's a receiver or cornerback who depends on his speed. Plus, the Dolphins have one pretty decent receiver, a decent RB. They did OK with Ferotte calling signals last year. I happen to believe Ferotte is underrated, but for a number 2 pick, I think is a no brainer.

    I see the Brees deal as having much more potential to blow up in the Saints' face. They are paying a big up front bonus to a guy who has a bum throwing shoulder. He played well for the Chargers but he had weapons there that he won;t have with the Saints, Gates and LT. The Saints do have some players, and last year could be explained by the Katrina fallout. Frankly, I thought it was wrong for them to fire Haslet. The guy had an impossible situation last year. We'll keep an eye on thisone.

    The Edge to Arizona deal also strikes me as a big mistake for both parties. The difference between this guy and someone you could get in the draft is not worth what they are paying him. You want a running game, you go out and get dominating linemen and a young back. They are doing it backwards, but then they are the Cardinals. As for Edge, most backs have wanted out of Arizona, not in. This is strictly a show me the money deal for him, which raises questions about how motivated he will be. That Indy passing game meant he never faced 8 man fronts.

    And then there's TO. His problem is at his age, he needs a big deal. A one year deal is a problem for him, but realistically that is all he's going to get. I think whichever team gets him will get a steal. He will be motivated to be a good teammate or else it's over for him.

    Another guy who will be a steal is Koren Robinson, cut by the Seahawks then made pro bowl with Vikes as a receiver/kick returner. Personally, I was hoping Danny Snyder would get him and TO instead of the guys he did snag. Randle El is a nice player, but signing guys off Super Bowl winning teams never seems to work out. You overpay for what often turns out to be a system guy.

    Say, anyone want LaVarr Arrington?
  6. I'll take Arrington and put him next to Sean Merriman.

  7. Washington, those bastards.

    They took Randel El from my team!?!!#$!#%!#%

    We won the superbowl anyways... Steelers have to do some more awesome drafting, which is why we are the greatest team in the NFL anyways, we always make the greatest decisions in the draft.

    No big deal, but I just bought a Randle El jersey last year and it was expensive!!!

    Owell, Still holding onto my Bettis jersey, I'd make a killing if I sold that on ebay.
  8. I'm a 'Skins fan, but I think every NFL fan respects the Steelers.

    I'm sure Cowher has a plan to replace Randle El. When it comes to selecting players and developing them, he and Belichek are head and shoulders above everyone else it seems.
  9. That would be scary if he played like he did a couple of years ago. LaVarr looked fat and slow at the end of last year. He did play for Marty one year, so maybe there is some interest. The current Washington defensive staff didn't care for him. Apparently, the feeling was mutual.
  10. When will the jets get a decent QB???
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