NFL Free Agency...Dumbest Move

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  1. For once the Redskins don't seem to be in the running for the Dumbest Move In Free Agency award. I think the Chicago Bears have richly earned it this year. Take a Super Bowl team with a suspect QB, playing outdoors in a rotten climate that makes running essential. Then add in a tough RB who not only rushed for 1200 yards each of the past two seasons while sharing carries with a high draft pick but is also a favorite with his teammates and the fans. Then trade him to the Jets for exchanging midround draft picks, ie give him away. Maybe Thomas Jones is lucky to get away from a cheap franchise that never valued him, but you have to wonder what the Bears fans will say if Benson goes down with an injury or can't handle the load.

    Maybe the Bears know something the rest of the league doesn't. Maybe Jones is used up, but he looked pretty good to me in the playoffs.
  2. Jones is a long ways from used up. Another stupid move by the cheap bastards that run this team. Idiots!
  3. Thank you Chicago!!! My Jets needed this:D :D

    Question: If T Jones and his 1300 yds are only worth a swap of 2nd round picks.....what the FU*K is Rex Grossman worth? You could probably get grossman for a moonpie and a pack of smokes!
  4. The Jets must have thought they heard wrong when the Bears told them what they wanted for Jones. It's not like the Jets had to give him a huge contract either. I wish someone from Chicago could explain what the bears were thinking.
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    how'd we do with Joey Porter??.. :D
  6. Thinking? You go too far expecting Bears ownership to think about anything other than their own pockets. What they've done is put all of their hope in Benson, who is a formidable runner, but as yet leaves us with more questions than answers regarding his long term performance. The Bears had to shell out some money to keep Lovie and they've got a couple of linebackers looking for raises. It's about the dollar!
  7. Is Jones the ghost of Barry Sanders?

    Or L.T? Or Larry Johnson? Or Shawn Alexander? Or Barber, Gore, Gordon, Green, Bush or even Ricky Williams? Get real.

    He's a journeyman back who wanted a big contract. The Bears already have an RB making a zillion a year. Jones is not a difference maker hence he's expendable.
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    besides Cedric should eventually hopefully be a stud...too many IF's; making jones not that expendable....besides triple has a very valid point...look what happened to the texans after not picking up BUSH and biting the bullet with an injured Domanick was that a bad move looking back..sometimes its nice to have depth but it all comes down to sure the edge is kicking himself in the arse on the money...

  9. Bad move....Great player, but a lot of $$ used for what? They already have a top 10 D...they need O...and lots of it...

    so insted of losing 17-3 they will lose 10 to 3
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    too much $$$ is an understatement...$20 mill of it garaunteed
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