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  1. Who's your team, and who ya want?

    Bears fan, myself. Jerry Angelo is god awful at drafting first round talent. Our o-line sucks. Take Derek Sherrod if he's there, otherwise I expect a trade down.
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    It will be interesting to see whether or not the panthers take Newton first overall. It will never cease to amaze me that teams are willing to burn early first round picks on skill positions with overhyped players. When you look at most of the good football programs they rarely take a swing at a gamble like Newton.

    Im a steeler fan, so its hard to determine what is going to be there by the time we get our pick, but i hope its someone who plays defense.
  3. In H&H we trust!

    Go Browns!

    Find another Haden, Ward and McCoy this year and we'll be looking solid. Just a few more pieces needed to get back to .500 ball.


    In all seriousness, Heckert is pretty damn good at drafting, so I expect another solid draft class.
  4. Go back to your hole.


    If Newton is there when we draft at 6, I hope to god we trade it to an eager team willing to margin their draft on it.

    Newton = 1 year wonder in a spread offense + personal 'issues'. No thanks.
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    LOL, i laughed pretty hard when i read this. I feel for you browns fan, I have never seen a team who is more willing to mortgage their future on hype then the browns, but as a Steeler fan i love it.

    To be quite honest it wouldnt even surprise me if Newton was still there at 6 and the browns drafted him just for the hell of it, you better pray that someone takes him before your pick, it will simply be far to appetising for the browns to pass up if they get a shot at him. :D

  6. Plus the Brownies were just awarded the Madden curse. Lebum leaves you, and now least the Indians are somehow looking good.
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    List of the Browns first round picks in the last 10 years. LOL!!!
    2001 3 Gerard Warren DT Florida
    2002 16 William Green RB Boston College [23]
    2003 21 Jeff Faine C Notre Dame
    2004 6 Kellen Winslow II TE Miami (Florida) [24]
    2005 3 Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    2006 13 Kamerion Wimbley LB Florida State [25]
    2007 3 Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin [26]
    22 Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame [27]
    2008 — — No Pick — — [27]
    2009 21 — Alex Mack C California [28]
    2010 7 — Joe Haden CB Florida

    I think their best first round move in the last 10 years was in 2008 when they simply got rid of their first round draft pick. :D
  8. Falcons and Bears

    D-Birds are drafting so low that they won't get much help. They need another option to go beside Roddy White, and they need a secondary.

    Bears. Keep working on that O-line. The Martz offensive needs five good wide outs, and they only have two. We will see what they do.
  9. Yeah:D

    Matty Ice did everything he could to stay off that cover!
  10. Thank You Falcons!


    H&H drop the pick for a WR and accumulate picks galore. As soon as Peterson and Dareus were gone, I'm guessing that's when they said time to bail.
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