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  1. How did your team do?

    I thought KC had a great draft, but of course they had let Jared Allen, their best player go, so I'm not sure they improved themselves that much.

    I thought Atlanta's draft stunk. They went for Matt Ryan, when Glenn Dorsey was available. Dorsey is a much surer shot than Ryan. Then Atlanta overpaid the Redskins to get the 21st pick. Then they used the 21 to draft a guy no one had rated that highly. The Redskins were thrilled to unload the pick.

    I thought Miami had a good draft too. They got the players they needed, and unlike Atlanta, they did it in a rational way.

    As for the Redskins, they traded down and ended up with three second round picks, which they used on two receivers and a TE. This is a team with aging O and D lines that is also very thin at LB, S and corner. Very curious selections that had fans scratching their heads.
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    The Browns draft occurred via free agency and I think it was impressive. We had DL issues and now we don't.

    Look for the Browns to draft and pickup UFA CB's.
  3. Zorn wants to run that west coast offense so he stacked the O with WR and TE's. They did just draft an O lineman in the 3rd round but I dont know much about him.

    Gotta give the skins some credit though, they actually had picks in the draft this year as opposed to most years where they have one, maybe two total. Last years pick was stellar with Landry, the guy is a beast. Of course Sean Taylor's death was also huge. That tandem in the safety positions would have been the best in the NFL for years. Too bad I guess.

  4. Yeah, they have had a run of bad luck. In addition to Taylor, they lost CB Carlos Rodgers with a bad knee injury and LB Rocky MacIntosh with a knee. All were high draft picks and looked set for years. Now suddenly the team is thin at those positions. In addition, we are going through the three or four year Redksins ritual of totally changing offense philosophies with a new head coach, which means all the skill position players are all wrong for the new philosophy and have to be changed. Not the way to be a consistent playoff team.
  5. Are they gently pushing out the "soldier," by taking Martin Rucker?

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    I'm actually looking forward to seeing my 'Skins play this year. I think most of these younger players are probably a lot more comfortably with passing offence. The NFL is so competitive now that trying to run on every play just wears them out, increases the injuries. I think even Gibbs would be favoring the pass a little more.
  7. The Chiefs could have all pro bowl players and they still wouldn't go anywhere with Herm Edwards as coach.

    The big winners: J - E - T - S JETS, JETS, JETS !!
  8. Good observation DZ. He wants a restructured contract, so who knows. Rosenhaus is his new agent.