NFL Draft - the Browns get a STEAL

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  1. Wow, what a NFL draft the first round has been... my Browns actually look like they know what the hell they are doing and get the best OL and one of the best QB's all in the first round.

    This will prove to be an incredibly intelligent move by management or the most costly in franchise history. Time will tell.

  2. I say they bring back Bernie!
  3. He's made some appearances at training camp the last year or two. I read they were trying to reach out to alum's.

    Who knows... we may now have the next Bernie or better! Our 3 picks today are all top 10 talent. The 3rd pick had some 'issues' with the law, so his stock dropped quite a bit. Assuming he can keep his head on straight, that may turn out to be one of the best picks today.

    Just feels good to see the organization being proactive vs. reactive. I guess when your job is potentially on the line (GM - Savage and/or Coach - Crennel) you start to do whatever it takes to get things done now.
  4. Ezzy


    Did you hear all the Miami fans booing when they passed on Quinn? Felt sorry for WR Ginn at their press conference. Ugly.

    At least someone here has an interest in the NFL. Next year we need a draft thread.
  5. must be kidding? Maybe top 10 talent for a high school prep team. :D
  6. The steal wasn't Quinn. It was Eric Wright from UNLV in 2nd round.

    He was a starter at corner as a true freshman at USC before he caught with 136 ecstasty pills in his room. But the kid can seriously play some football. If he stays outta trouble he'll be a great one.

  7. You guys, except Doc, have to be kidding me. The Browns got hosed badly by the Cowboys on that Quinn trade. They gave up a very high second and next year's first for a guy even teams with dire QB needs like Minnesota and Miami wanted no part of. The Miami QB coach had been his QB coach at ND. They preferred a part time player with a bad foot. That first rounder they gave up is likely to be a very high pick as well, given the history of this club. They've had a top five pick virtually every year, and I see little reason why next year will be any different.

    Thanks a lot for screwing the rest of the NFC East by handing the Cowboys a gift.
  8. This reminds me of the enthusiasm when Couch was drafted. We know how that turned out. Also reminds me of Courtney Brown.

    Cleveland gave up next year's 1st rounder for Quinn. Looks like the Cowboys will be picking first overall.
  9. I guess time will tell guys. I suppose all of you are Colts fans then. :D

    The consensus from the 'experts' is the Browns had an EXCELLENT draft and we now have our LT and QB for the next 10 years. At least that's what Kiper was saying today!!

    According to

    1. Cleveland Browns: All right, they gave away a potential top-five pick in next year's draft to get Quinn at No. 22. We all realize the Browns may not be very good next season. The roster has age in the front seven of the 3-4 defense and numerous other holes. The reason the Browns are the big winners is because they potentially filled two of the five major building blocks of a team, getting Quinn and left tackle Joe Thomas. Teams win with quality players at left tackle, defensive end, cornerback, wide receiver and quarterback. If the Browns lose next season, general manager Phil Savage and coach Romeo Crennel might not be around to reap the rewards of this draft. Regardless, Savage did a great job despite the price.

    The trade made perfect sense since our GM and Coach are in a make or break situation. They had to do something now, b/c there's a good chance they would not be here next year. And the reaction locally is that it was a great move for the team.

    And Eric Wright was a great move as well since we need help at CB.

    This does not make us a contender next year and we get that here in Cleveland, but there's a breath of fresh air and hope to see the mgmt take some risk to get this turned around. Doing what we've always done since 1999 has not worked.
  10. I'm not sure I want a coach and GM feeling like they should make risky moves because they are going to get fired and don't have much to risk personally. All the sports reporters seem to feel it was a great move by the Browns. I still disagree. The best way to win now is to go out and get a proven veteran QB, like a Jeff Garcia. Then the Browns would have been able to draft a quality player who might have started next year with their second round pick.
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