NFL draft starts Thurs - any surprising moves?

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  1. Sounds like Bradford is going #1, even w/o a contract in place.

    Rumor mill has my Browns possibly going up there to get Bradford. I hope we don't mortgage the entire draft for this kid, but if we do, let's just hope he's not Tim Couch v2.0.

    Pittsburgh could really, really shake things up if they trade the pervert.

    Should be an interesting first round, even if it's on Thurs night this year. Boo to the NFL for this btw.

    Go Browns and in Holgrem/Heckert we trust!

  2. I'm a Bears fan so this will be quite the bore as our first rounder is with Denver for Cutler from last year, and our second rounder is with Tampa for the no longer living Gaines Adams.

    It would be hilarious if Pitt traded Big Rapist. Also, look for the usual 'what are they thinking?' pick by Al Davis and co. Word is they might go for Jimmy Clausen just three years after taking Jamarcus #1 overall. what a joke.

    Will be fun to watch even without a Bears pick in the first 74. And yeah, not a fan of this Thursday thing.
  3. That does suck for Bears fans. Not much to watch there for your team.

    Rumor floating around here is that we might go after the perv! lol

    Who knows at this point, lots of rumors around what the Browns are doing this draft with so many picks and obvious needs.
  4. I think Carmen Policy single handedly destroyed that franchise with his blown no. 1 picks. The Browns have their interim qb
    they desperately need better pass coverage.
  5. Hello


    Joe Hayden, what do you think? I think it is a good pick, i will never argue with picking character over talent, winners make themselves into winners wherever they go, raw talent and no desire can only go so far.

  6. Shoulda took Earl Thomas.
  7. I think we really wanted Berry but Haden was another safe pick.

    Some say Thomas is better, but I like the pick.
  8. fhl


    Mel Kiper thought Clausen was tops among qb's as I understand it.

    Leaving aside all the 'are you joking, clausen ain't worth sht' kind of comments, do you think the rapist in pitt had any effect on clausen's draft postion? That maybe teams felt they couldn't take anyone who isn't squeaky clean?
  9. Um, how about Tebow in the first round as a surprising move? He isn't even a prototypical QB and he's white!

  10. I was skeptical about the new format, but I have to say I loved it. Last night went by really quickly, unlike the typical all day drudgery of the past.

    As for the picks, I thought Seattle and SF had the best first day. Of course, they had two picks each, but they got solid players who also addressed needs. Seattle had to be thrilled Okung dropped to them, and Thomas was the second highest rated safety. SF really addressed their O line issues. Too bad they didn't go out and get a QB during the offseason.

    I felt that several teams made less than inspired moves. Worst was Denver. They drafted like they were the SB winner, going for guys who are projects. Denver fell apart last season and needs talent, not guys who are not ready to start. They picked Tebow way too high. The WR they took is raw, didn't play in a pro style offense, etc. I would be very upset if I was a Broncos fan, as I see them losing a ton of ground over the last two years.

    Detroit is getting a lot of praise today, but honestly, I don't see it. Will Suh be a dominant force in the NFL? Hard to say. Plenty of top-rated D linemen have not panned out. When I watched him, I saw a guy who was pretty agile and ran around blockers but not someone who could take on a double team and drive it into the backfield, ala Albert Haynesworth. Trading up to get a RB in the first round was like answering a question no one asked. A crap team needs players, and blowing picks to move up, then using it to get a luxury pick like they did was foolish. Plus the pick, Jahvid Best, had two concussions last year. One hard shot and he's finished.

    For teams with one pick, I thought SD and Jacksonville shared the booby prize. SD moved up to get a RB in the first round, even though he has a history of injuries and there will be tons of tough, downhill runners available in the middle of the draft. Sorry, I don't see it.

    Jacksonville's pick at #10 of a guy most teams had as second round talent has created a lot of negative buzz today. Why not trade down, even if you can't get full value for the trade down? Then at least you get something and don't overpay for the guy you want.

    Buffalo violated one of my fundamental draft rules. Never take a RB in the first round. The guy they took at #9, C. J. Spiller, is a playmaker, but he is smallish, a real problem for a team with no offensive line and no weapons on the outside. The main problem with this pick however is that they had way too many needs to go trolling for a luxury pick. They could have drafted a lineman like Davis, Iupati or Bulaga, a DE like Morgan, Pierre-Paul or Graham, several top DBs were available, and most obviously, top-rated WR Dez Bryant was on the board. All were higher need than a RB.

    Lots of good players will go tonight. Jimmy Clausen, Taylor Mays, Bruce Campbell, Charles Brown are among the biggest names.
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