NFL Draft on Saturday - good luck to your team

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  1. Personally, I'd love to see the Browns trade that #5 to Washington (or anyone that will take it) and get more picks.

    Good luck to your team, esp if in the top 10 and signing some unproven kid to a sh!tload of guaranteed cash...

  2. Looking forward to the annual bust also known as "the Jets first round pick".
  3. One of my favorite days of the year. Goin to Smokey Bones for a slab of ribs and a tall cold Killians. Oh, and high def, though I have it at home.
  4. I feel your pain brother...
  5. Hopefully we'll let the Jets trade up for that pick. Redskins message boards are sick with worry that Snyder will trade away this and next year's draft to get Sanchez, he of the 16 starts. of course, that's 16 more than Matt Cassell had at USC.

    I think Detroit is about to make a gargantuan mistake and take Stafford, who i judge to be 50-50 at best. More like 20-80 on that team.

    This is an interesting draft. Not too much value at the top or middle of first round, but a lot at the bottom, particularly if you're a 3-4 defense that needs an outside backer. Lot of teams will want to trade down, but tough to find someone that dumb. There's plenty of speculation that the Redskins manlove for Sanchez is all an act designed to panic some team into trading up and freeing up the player the Skins actually want. No one seems to know who that is however, with various names being floated such as Andre Smith and Orakpo.

    We'd sure love to have back that number 2 we gave away for over the hill Jason Taylor last year.
  6. AAA - right now Washington is being tossed around as a possible trade candidate for us, so I guess we'll see. There's also discussion that they'll wait to see what we do and then consider a trade w/ another team.

    I really believe the draft is a giant lottery and you are lucky to be getting 50/50 odds.

    I'm not sold on Stafford either, but what's Detroit to do - take Crabtree?

  7. Detroit is in a tough spot. No clearcut number one and no one wants to trade up to the top spot for that very reason. In their shoes, I think I'd take the top OT. Maybe even Raji, the DT. I don't see anything special in Stafford. Frankly, I'd take Sanchez over him.
  8. Stafford reminds me a lot of Cutler. He's got a massive arm and he can make some mistakes but with some good coaching he'll be very good. I'd hate to see him go to Detroit though. That would be like David Carr going to Houston. Just a death trap.

    The skins would do well by taking Sanchez. Jason Campbell ain't gonna make it. Sanchez teamed with Zorn would be a great combo.

  9. uptick1


    If Detroit drafts a wide receiver for their #1 or #2 rounds...

    I will go nuts.

  10. Tomorrow will be a day of rest for me during the draft (Bears fan, know the story). Our GM is a good middle of the draft guy so I'll be waiting for our first pick at 49. We're looking at receiver to get something going for Cutler. Most likely Brian Robiskie if he's there. If the top seven receivers are gone at 49 look for us to trade down and aggressively shoot for Zach Follett, LB (Cal).

    There's my mock draft for Da Bears.
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