NFL draft is here, who's your guy?

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  1. I'm a Bears fan. The consensus is that we're going d-line with our 1st pick (19), specifically d-end to compliment Peppers on the other side. Because of the QB talent in the NFC north I do agree it's very important to have a heavy hitting pass rush, however I wouldn't be opposed to drafting Floyd, WR, if he falls to us. Some names mentioned as potential DE picks are; Whitney Mercilus, Quinton Coples, Chandler Jones, Nick Perry.

    Who's your guy?
  2. Any of those guys would help the Bears. Have they ever addressed their O line problems? I would think that would be an area of concern.

    There is little drama here in Redskins land. Our brain trust thought it was a good idea to mortgage the future to move up and draft RG III. He's undoubtedly one of the most exciting prospects in years, but I feel they way overpaid, not that that's anything new for them. So we swapped firsts with st. L and also gave up this year's second and the next two year's firsts.

    The first bit of drama will be at the three slot with the Vikes. Kalil feels a need, although he seems to be a stretch there. Maybe a trade down happens. Or they go with a CB.

    Interesting as well to see what the Browns and Dolphins end up doing. Will they go QB?
  3. I have to say I have spent less time reading about the draft every year. I guess I have an issue with marketing hype, and should just remember enjoying talking about it with friends. I have quit reading the crap, and wait until its done for the past couple years to evaluate what was done.
    At the same time, being that you mention the Bears, there is no hope for you. LOL That is from a lifetime Packer fan. I enjoy the rivalries more than anything. I've paid out a lot of beer over the years, and been paid a lot of beer. Now that is enjoyable.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    It has got to trouble you that the Redskins were fighting with the Browns for RGIII, the odds of him being a flop go up exponentially based on that alone.

    There is no one in the league who is as good at picking flops as the browns... Im eagerly awaiting their 2 first round picks this year just so that we can see the Browns fans reaction all through the offseason, only to see reality crush their spirits by game 2-3 of the regular season..... :D

  5. Yeah, Redskins and Browns are not exactly like having Belichick and Andy Reid fighting over you.

    The Redskins already made one extremely dumb deal to try to fix the QB spot, trading a couple of high picks to the Eagles for McNabb, who they then decided they didn't like.

    For a guy who is supposed to be a smart businessman, Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a terrible dealmaker. Apparently St. L told the Redskins and Browns to "make their best offer" right before the trade was announced. Obviously, it made a lot more sense for the Redskisn and Browns to wait until free agency had become sorted out. Instead, they got panicked into negotiating against themsleves with an artificial deadline, two rookie mistakes.
  6. Wow, I just heard the Browns gave the Vikes a third round pick to move up one whole place to number three. The word is they intend to take Trent Richardson. Really silly move in my opinion. He is a good RB, but you can get good RBs in the middle rounds. For that matter, you can get good RBs as undrafted free agents. It's just not as important a position as it used to be, plus there are loads of guys who are capable.

    Basically they wasted the third rounder and are going to overpay in the first round.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    You got to give me credit, I totally called this, as a Steelers fan, watching how the Browns Draft every year is a thing of beauty. :D

    You can always count on the browns to figure out a way to make the worst decision possible in the draft, i heard they gave up their pick, plus a 4th, 5th, and 7th, to move up one spot.

    And the funniest thing is that the Vikings were going to take kalil regardless, you really going to tell me that the vikings with AP were going to select a running back??!?!

    LOL, worst trade ever, they basically gave away 3 picks, so they could take someone who they shouldnt have even taken with the 4th pick.... :D

  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Got to say Jeff Fisher is the king of this draft so far, he managed to parlay his first round pick into 3 firsts, a second and a third.

    So he is essentially drafting for 2 teams for the next 3 years.

    That is the way to run a draft when you have a team that doesnt have any talent on it, so many of these teams like the Browns get suckered into trading up instead of trading down, and wasting their draft picks, thinking that 1 position is really going to be the difference maker, in a team with far too many holes in it.

    Were the Browns really dumb enough to believe a running back was going to be the ticket to success when they have the Ravens and the Steelers, the 2 best run defenses in football, in their division, and no QB?
  9. To be fair, the Bucs were also making offers to the Vikings in order to draft Richardson, so the trade went to the highest bidder.
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    I think that those were rumours, like AAA said, it doesnt make sense to draft a RB that high, unless that is really the only spot on your roster that is holding you back, plus the Bucs already have a beast of a back in Blount.

    Blount is injury prone, but i think you can easily sign a couple of older backs in free agency to make up for that, so i dont know if the bucks would have went for that deal.

    Plus the Browns just gave away a bunch of draft picks to select a running back, and they are in a division with the Steelers, and the Ravens, who are two of the best run defenses in football.

    Do they really think their ticket to success is a lone running back who is all of a sudden going to dominate the division? Im reminded of Chris Johnson putting up 75 yards against the Steelers when he was dominating the league on his path to 2000 a couple years ago.

    In my opinion the move for the Browns with so many holes in their roster at that spot would have been to trade down. Thats why i like what the Rams did, I also liked the vikings draft. I guess time will tell.

    They are not a team who is going to get it done just based on a new RB and a 28 year old QB, who is going to need a few years to understand the complexities of the Steelers/Ravens defense. Tweeden is 28 years old, (almost the same age as roethlisberger and older than Flacco) do they think he is going to mature fast enough to beat a a guy who has been to the superbowl multiple times and won it twice?

    All in all it was exactly what i expected, a terrible draft from the Browns.....

    Watch the hype on Tweeden though, we will be hearing from Browns fans all offseason that he is the browns ticket to glory, then he will play 3 games and Browns fans will yet again be in rebuilding mode..... It is such a predictable cycle......:D

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