NFL Draft...Finally

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  1. It seems like ESPN has been doing stories on the draft for about the past two months. Can anyone say overkill?

    Still, I find it pretty interesting. It's like a never ending saga of the triumph of hope over experience. Only about 1/3 of first round picks pan out. A few become big stars, but many do not. Still, crummy teams will pass up potential all pro linemen to draft a QB in the first few picks. How many work out? Carson Palmer, Manning...not too many others.

    I like what NO did in concept, signing an experienced QB and leaving themselves the ability to take Reggie Bush or a stud lineman or trade down. I'm not convinced however that signing Brees was a great move. QB with a bum shoulder?

    When you look at what some of these guys did in the combine, it is incredible. Maryland TE Vernon Jordan apparently ran a sub 4.4 40, which is DB speed. N.C. State DE Mario Williams is nearly 300 pounds and ran 4.66 I think. If I'm drafting high and either of these guys is there, I'm picking them. Reggie Bush has limitations. He would be awesome on the right team, but is he an every down NFL back? I'm not sure. QB's are always a gamble. See "Leaf, Ryan."
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    "The NFL Draft is fascinating for the simple reason that ESPN makes genuinely entertaining television out of people in a room getting their names called"..... True Dat

    The main question out there is...VINCE or MATT?? the Glaze man thinks he'd go with VINCE and i might have to concur...
  3. This year's draft will have some suspense to it. Many years it is a foregone conclusion who the top two or three picks will be.
  4. I hope Vince goes last, or no team even picks him...

    That man is the dumbest thing I have ever met...

    The tree out back of my house is smarter than him...

    Duhh.... what?.... huh.....

    Wonderlic test?... what is the 9th month of the year?... whaaa?

    Me wants to play me sum football..
  5. Ever see a Steve McNair interview? He's not the sharpest knife in the draw either, but he defines what it takes to make it in the NFL: athleticism, guts, and an extremely high tolerance for pain.
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    Matt Leinert cost himself millions by not opting to leave early last season...where he would have gone top dont litsen to your teacher next time make sure to litsen to your agent...peace
  7. You forget that Leinert was injured last year.....

    Only money grubbing capitalists would fault Leinert for choosing to daily the daily grind of the NFL for the fun of campus life, as King of USC, taking ballroom dancing....

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    being King cost him about 10 de King of USC
  9. How are the Heat doing?


    There is more to life than money, Linehert didn't come from poverty in the first place.

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    im not saying he cares..all im saying is he went from possible 1 or 2 pick last season with a bigger contract to 10th this season and he didnt look to happy...

    From the sideline show that was displayed yesterday...the HEAT arent looking to good...they are not going far...if they even win this series which looks like they are not...

    And for crying out loud...where was Pat when this catfight was that guy a freaken backbone...what a joke..Stan must be loving it; watching this shit from his couch at home and still getting paid on the remaining 2 years of his contract
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