NFL are they nuts

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  1. I had a somewhat long post, but something happened and lost it before I posted. shortened version, I yell at my kids when they whine about refs in their games. Problem these guys in the NFL are really bad, NFL makes a fortune, open the bleepin checkbook losers! I paid $100 for a b-day present for a Donald Driver Jersey from Nike that took 4 months past his bday to get. Roger Goodell the NFL, the players, can all go F themselves until they realize what a fortune and fantasy they have. They are living the Hollywood life. More power to them in terms of capitalism, but don't expect me to buy their whining story for the prices the want. F'em they don't provide that great a service or entertainment to me. I can go watch my kids and never see another pro sport event again and won't miss it. Fantasy football, baseball etc., get a life!
  2. I will add my justification for putting this in Economics is the dollar value of the NFL to the US economy, and what they stand to gain or lose with their position.
  3. watching sports isnt much different than watching a sitcom or a movie.

    the hook they sell is they represent the city. lol. wich is funny.
  4. Do you live near a college team that you would be willing to pay to see play as a reasonable alternative/substitute? :confused:
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    I have a TV myself.
  6. I live within 70 miles of one Big Ten team, within 300 of 2 others, within 200 of a huge national team, and no, they are really no different cost wise. I will be going to an alma mater game, a Big Ten team later, and ticket cost is $48 for average to crap seats. Stupid, but for me I am going to see friends. I would go to an NFL game if I find a ticket for under $25, but won't pay anything more. Normally I wouldn't even pay to see a college game, but again this is friends getting together, but I can honestly say I won't go over $50 in the future. The shirt price was insane, but I did pay as he wanted it above other options.
  7. What about Division-2 or 3 ball? Would you feel like you're slumming it? :confused:
  8. My oldest goes to a division 2 or 3, can't remember which, and I have been to 2 games. One for free and the other $5. Parent or promo price, whatever, but just the same I am not going to pay much more.
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    Sports are great but NFL/NBA are outrageous in their pricing.
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    People who root for some team passionately are just plain dumb/funny to me.
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