NFL 2010 Playoff, Super Terrific Happy Bowl!!!!!

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  1. Ok folks here is next weeks games, accompanied by the spread, and unfortunately my opinion is also tagging along. I am hoping AAAinthebeltway comes in with commentary, as i appreciate his opinion more than anyone on this board when it comes to football.

    Jets @ Bengals -2.5
    Ravens @ Patriots -3.5
    Packers @ Arizona -1
    Eagles @ Dallas -4

    Game 1, Jets Bengals... Spread Bengals -2.5

    In this game I am pretty sure the Jets will roll, especially with last weeks game. Rex Ryan is a beast, as evidenced by the fact that the jets are the number 1 defense in football, 1 year after he left the Ravens(who are now reeling on defense after being number 2 last year) I can not see a beat up Bengals squad beating the Jets. Realistically i think there is only so much a persons heart can take in a season, RIP Chris Henry, sorry for the rest of the team, I can not see the Bengals winning this.

    Pick: Jets +2.5

    Game 2, Ravens Patriots... Spread Patriots -3.5

    This game will come down to defense, Ravens can still pull it off when necessary, Pats can not. Bellicheck proved he wants nothing to do with the faulty PATS defense when he decided to go for it on his own 20 on 4th and 1 against Peyton.

    I fully expect the Ravens to defeat the Patriots at home in this game, Thats right home gamers I am betting against Brady. My decision in this game came down to the fact that the ravens probably have the best rushing attack in football, combined with what AT TIMES represents a prolific defense. These 2 variables compiled with the fact that the pats are missing welker makes this a Raven win.

    Pick: Ravens +3.5

    Game 3, Packers Cards... Spread Arizona -1

    Once again my pick is the road team, Greenbay has been tearing the league apart after a pedestrian start to the season, they are 7-1 in the last 8 weeks, their only loss was to my Steelers, and realistically they should have won that game. Rodgers is firing on all cylinders, and they have figured out a way to include Ryan Grant into the offense as of late, which will be crucial down the stretch playing on a cold field. I cant see Warrener and the inconsistent Cards offense beating GB even when Arizona is at home.

    Pick: Green Bay +1

    Game 4, Philly Dallas.... Spread Dallas -4

    Dallas will win this game hands down, Romo has something to prove, and thus far this season he has shown that he is pissed off about this December bullshit which frequents the airwaves about him, he also has a new partner in town in Miles Austin that and the fact that he has a violent runner in Marion Barber and this will end up in a Dallas win. The Eagles are a big play team, but they have no defense. I actually thought Demarcus Ware should have won the MVP over Harrison last year and im a Steeler fan, look for Demarcus to be a game changer this year against Philly

    Pick: Dallas -4

    Anyways good luck to everyone in the playoffs, since my steelers are out i am allowed to be impartial....
    Here is to hoping AAAinthebeltway will add his opinion to this thread.

  2. 1. Jets/Cincy. Toughest game to predict because the Jets are coming off 2 wins against teams that didn't have much to play for. I always like teams that are on a roll at the end of the season, but are the Jets really on a roll? I'll take the home team here. Win for Cincy.

    2. Ravens/Pats. I'm a Pats fan, so a bit biased here. Apart from good QB's and elite running backs, an injury to 1 player shouldn't affect a good team too much. That said, the loss of Welker is devastating to the Pats. Had they been playing at home, I'd easily take the Ravens, but the Pats are 8-0 in the playoffs at Gillette stadium and will have some well rested players returning. Win for Pats. (but this is as far as they go)

    3. GB/Cards. GB is on a roll. I think this will be the easiest win of the 4 games.

    3. Eagles/Dallas. Unlike other teams at the end of the season, the Eagles did have something to play for against the Cowboys but still got blown out. I expect a better showing from the Eagles this week but the Cowboys should take this one with relative ease.. Win for Dallas.

    **These predictions are for pure win/loss only without taking account of the spread.
  3. Cards/Packers...Cards

    The Cards took the game off in week 17. Meanwhile Packer players were celebrating like they were beating the Vikings in the playoffs. The Cards remind the Packers they lost to Tampa Bay and played one of the weakest schedules in the NFL this year. They take this one at home and remind Rodgers he's no Brett Favre. 38-28


    This is a hard one. I didn't think Cincy was for real all season long and of course the Jets destroyed them at home. But obviously Cincy took the game off much like AZ and now NY's rookie head coach and rookie QB have to play on the road in the postseason. Cincy wins a close, low scoring game at home, 16-13


    Not as tough to pick as the Jets/Cincy game, but it's not a gimme for NE, especially with Welker out for the season. If Baltimore smashes Edelman (he looks a little too fragile to me) a couple times and keeps him out of the game, they have a real good shot at winning this one, but I think he'll get his 10 or so catches and keep Baltimore from keying on Moss. NE 24-20


    Easiest game to pick. Philly was shutout in a game that gave them the division and 3rd seed if won. Dallas won 3 in a row, including a road win against the undefeated Saints and shutouts against the Skins and Philly. Romo has a big game and the Cowboys' defense continues to roll. Dallas 28-13
  4. The Winners (vs spread) will be:


    New England
    Green Bay

    I am betting Dallas and New England on the moneyline but the points should not matter. Get as many points as you can on the dogs. The points might matter on these.

  5. Actually, I think that the Eagles were playing for the 2nd seed and a first round bye. They had much more to play for than Dallas last week. All the more reason to pick Dallas this week.
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