NFA fines Gain/ $459,000

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  1. from SWScapital's thread: 'NFA notice regarding Gain financial'

    attached is the NFA's 'Case Document' - interesting reading particularly about the
    MetaTrader 'Virtual Dealer Plug-ln' and how Gain set-up the VDP to benefit the
    company via 'slippage'

    Searched for 'Virtual Dealer Plug-ln' but no results - was there a thread here on ET
    about it ? don't see it listed on MetaQuotes' site, did they rename it - 'MetaTrader 4
    Manager' ?
  2. bstay


    all TradeStation clients should pressure TradeStation to drop Gain Capital as its forex clearing partner.
  3. AK100


    Who says the clients are important? The relationship is therefore for the benefit of Tradestation and Gain.

    Most clients of financial firms are there to be milked, hopefully without them realising.......
  4. jharmon


    Trade FX Futures.

    At least your broker isn't trying to fleece you.
  5. bstay


    we may have to trade fx futures very soon. the way the futures exchange bosses are forcing regulators to clam down on spot forex brokers ...... new CFTC/NFA rules every now and then.
  6. have to wonder how the NFA got onto Gain, they make no mention of it but did they
    originally receive complaints from Gain clients ?

    is the NFA checking all the other MT4 brokers ?
    what about proprietary sw such as FXCM's, Oanada's and Visual Trader etc ? do
    they have built-in 'slippage' parameters ?
  7. mrhazelj


    Ive never had a problem with my mt4 broker. And what's more funny, it's not even a U.S. broker. it's BroCo.
  8. mrhazelj


    yeah, I had mt4 account at gain/ as well....

    there's a reason i left way before the NFA even added FIFO restrictions. had a problem with PFG too. MBT mt4 was the best live at that time. probably still is
    #10     Nov 4, 2010