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    This is aimed at USA Fx traders. When trading with our own funds do we need to register with NFA or CFTC?
  2. What do you mean?

    Is this another time wasting April Fool's joke?
  3. It's not even current events.... it's a 2012 bill introduced by Barney Frank and has virtually zero support. It was added to the Dodd Frank Bill and was removed from the Bill as it threatened to derail Dodd-Frank.

    Can you twits stop with the moronic threads? How about using what few neurons you have left and researching the topic before spouting off with this BS.

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    Wow, asking a simple question gets these responses???

    The reason I asked the question is because I know a US trader who was recently shut down by the CFTC for not being registered with them. His situation is different than mine...oh, and this is part of my research.
  5. Of course you do not have to register to trade your own funds.
  6. Hey, my apologies. I thought this was in reference to the SEC/CFTC bill introduced by Rep Frank in 2012.
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    I didn't think so, thank you.
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    Accepted, thanks.