Nexus One Phone

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Surdo, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Surdo


    Does anybody have the new Nexus One Android Phone?

    I really like the Motorola DROID, but am waiting for the Nexus One release on Verizon.

    It should be any day now.
  2. Been following the Nexus One story on some of the tech blogs. They're apparently having a few production issues with flawed hardware but I think they're getting it worked out. As someone who doesn't feel like drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid (I can't have a smartphone that won't multitask, for example) I'm hoping that Android becomes an alternative to my Blackberry.

    An hour on Engadget and Techcrunch will probably provide you with a favourable return.

    By the way, you're aware that HTC is about to release the 4G EVO, right? Android based, also running the1 GHz Snapdragon. As you know, HTC is making the Nexus One for Google. Is this just the same phone with a different case and HTC stamped on it? How does Google feel about that?

    Always something new right around the corner, it seems.