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  1. Does anyone have any good ways to get past the TICK charting problem in NexTrend? Or do you just look at Time & Sales?

    Is TRIN.X really the ARMS index (TRIN)? It was spending a lot of time at 2.6 today -- has there been that much disproportionate down volume lately? Even when the indexes went up in the second half of the day, it was still 1.5-1.8. Is it always like this now? If so, the TRIN was a very different animal when I last traded.

    I'm also planning to start looking at S&P and NAZ futures to help me gauge the market for stock trading. Are the e-minis good enough and exactly proportionate to the regular futures contracts? What month's contracts should I be looking at (i.e. what do futures traders trade most of the time in a given month)? What are the appropriate NexTrend symbols?

    Finally, I noticed the NexTrend formulas use such symbols as ISSQ and QVOL. Is there any list of these kinds of symbols and what they actually stand for? I'd like to get more of them for my formulas!

    Thanks in advance for any replies I get -- this is a very helpful and friendly forum, and I'm grateful to you all for the help you've already given me.
  2. Why has no one replied to my post? I know there are NexTrend users here...

    I guess no one has figured out how to solve the TICK problem, but surely someone can help me with selecting the right futures contract and with symbols like ISSQ?

    If anyone knows, please answer, especially about the futures -- I feel like such an idiot for not being able to figure it out...
  3. Current June symbols for the emini's are:

    Naz: nqi2'cm
    Spoos: esi2'cm
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  6. anyone having problems with Nextrend customer service? They got rid of the department or what?