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    Hi Guys,

    sorry to ask again, but it seems everytime I need to ask Nextrend they've gone home :-(

    On my charts, the right side is the price, is there anyway I can enlarge the scale so I can see the moving averages crossover in more detail ???

    For example, on a large move for the NQ's it'll switch from to 2 pt increments to 5 pt's, is there anyway I can switch it back to 2pt's so the bars will look a lot bigger ??

    When I used (Q-Charts, which I'm about ready to go back to) I would click on the price at the side and drag my mouse upwards.

    Hope this makes sense???


  2. How's it going, Andy? :) You can control the size of the bars with the up and down arrow keys.
  3. andy4


    Hi Mr. Sub',

    Oh man, I've been struggling with this soooo long, you have the magic touch :)

    thanks guy, I tell you it's hard enough trying to trade, never mind figuring out all this other stuff :)

    Thank you.