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  1. hi,

    i use nextrend as back up software and am in need of symbols for the june nasdaq and sp emini. customer service is nonexistent and their symbol list is not accurate. can anyone advise ??

    thanks !

  2. Hi Surf,

    The e-minis symbols are as follows: esm3'cm = spoos, nqm3'cm =nasdaq 100. For customer service try Danny Garcia at 972-839-4601. If you click on help when you are in nextrend you will see nextrend on the web click on that and then you will see symbol finder that will tell you how to do future symbols.

    Good luck
  3. thanks ! i really like nextrend for the price---nothing beats it. now, if they can just get customer service together......


    surfer:) :) :)
  4. Surf

    When I used to use Nextrend the symbol's for June contract were ESI3'CM and NQI3'CM.
  5. yeah, that was the issue i was having. their symbol list is not accurate.

    thanks !

  6. Oops,

    Macal is correct.
  7. your symbols work.

  8. Who do you use for charting, if Nextrend is a backup?

  9. EF4869


    I need to subscribe to one of these. I have heard that Nextrend charges around $50 each for real time s&p and nasdaq quotes. Is this true. Also, what are some other alternatives.

  10. $33.00. in my opinion, nextrend is the best program available for the price. however, be forewarned, my experience with customer service has been dismal recently.


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