Nextrend Trendlines ???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by remon, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. remon


    hello nextrenduser,

    when i draw trendlines in different charts and then switch between other stocks, the trendline are gone !!???
    that happends many times, can anybody help ?? why didn´t the software save it ??


    r e m o n
  2. BSAM


    NexTrend's data is very reliable. Unfortunately, their trendline drawing capabilities are very unreliable. Very frustrating! Looking forward to the day they get this fixed. In the meantime, let their customer service department know about your problems. :cool:

  3. anybody knows how to save trendlines?
  4. tuna


    must be a setting somewhere because i can draw a trendline, go look at a couple of other symbols come back and the lines are still there...thats version 3.22
  5. hans130


  6. Same here. My trendlines save and I'm also using 3.22.
  7. Is the new version reliable now, do they have a fib grid?
    What I want to do is saving trendlines at night for the next day, I know trends are "saved" if you change symbols but don't know how to save longer term charts with trends without modifying my default chart windows.
  8. tuna


    Kicking no problems at all this end on the 3.22version.(none at all)
    No fib tool...they really need to do some charting improvements,imo its the only piggy side of the program i don't like

    If the chart with the trendlines on it is displayed when you close the program they should still be there when you reopen the program.

    If their longer term charts maybe put them on a new page and make sure that page is set to save on close...
  9. tuna


    if their not saving on close heres where to change it