NexTrend Slow Data Feed

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    Is anyone experiencing a slight delay in the real-time data feed from NexTrend lately?

  2. I have to say I often notice a delay of a second or so compared to Livecharts, 1 min. bar data is not the same either that's more of a problem
  3. xtrader


    I use it strictly for back up and research.
  4. I have 100% packet loss pinging Nextrend across the Atlantic when trying their free delayed version . What gives? Any european trader using this software?
  5. I am in Germany and use Nextrend.

    It is indeed very slow at times compared to the feed from IB.

    Can you recommend a faster software with Eurex and e-mini data?

    I use taipan realtime for Eurex, which is ok.
  6. I just did a side by side comparison between nextrend, esignal and IB. At my location in the states, Nextrend is running very slightly behind esignal by about 1/2 second.

    Oh guys across the pond are using that funny french metric thing...converting 1/2 second would be, humm...oh, to hell with it.:D :D :D

    Seriously guys, drop an e-mail to Nextrend customer service...they're first class and I'm sure they'll want to know about the late quotes.

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  7. It's weird because I can get their data but cannot ping them.
  8. Try pinging:

    That's their data server(s)
  9. 100% loss on this server
  10. The Ip I have for them is

    Does that work?
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