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  1. Neil


    Thought I would try starting a thread for NexTrend users who have discovered useful aspects of the software and wanna share..

    I have used it for six months and like it despite the odd glitches and annoying data delays etc.. overall well worth the cost.. have begun to customise more and tackle advanced quote boards etc which have improved the appearance but most importantly the power of info I can now get.. mostly it is my brain lagging which is main prob now..

    I use two screens for nextrend and have up to 4 pages open at once.. a main page with several auto market scans running, a comp chart, an advanced quote board, a mini stock specific adv quote board, stock specific 5 min chart and a day chart... linked windows which allow clicking from any quote board or scan result window to change main stock window... can scan through charts a few secs per chart that way looking for my setups..

    Other pages for other things.. if anyone is interested can describe those in another post..

    My newest thing is grappling with the advanced quote board formulas.. which are great and with a couple of software additions would be very excellent.. have suggested improvements to nextrend.. not hoping too much tho..

    Latest adv quote board shows the following for each stock I want on it..
    PClose/Open/High/Low/Gap(up or down)/Open to HOD/Open to LOD/Range so far/Mid Range point/amount below HOD/amount above LOD/amount above or below Open/Net/Pct Change/Last/Trend

    All nicely colour coded so my poor brain can try and assimilate all that info! Working on custom market scans now..

    now shall see if anyone cares... lol

    All the best from Ireland
  2. Nice post, and smart setups. Please do describe the other page setups you use, and if you don't mind, how you trade. Any ideas I can steal from you for my SI NexTrend board would be greatly appreciated! Not a lot of crossover between SI and ET, it seems. - Mike
  3. JayS


    How do you construct futures spreads symbols for NexTrend?

    Say the March '02 & January '03 NG spread (NGH2'NM & NHF3'NM).

  4. JayS


    Got a reply from NexTrend, I'll post it here in case anyone else is interested:

    How to create the spread formula:
    Select the "Formula" icon on the left
    Select "Add"
    Type in a Formula name example"Spread"
    We are going to create the formula so that you can use different symbols on
    the same formula or if you want type in the specific symbol
    This is the expression: ?1.LAST - ?2.LAST
    Select "Check" to make sure there are no type-o's
    Select "OK"
    Select "Close"

    Now add the Formula to a chart
    Right-click over the background of the chart
    Select "add elements"
    Select "Formula"
    Select the dropdown for Formula and select the spread formula
    Replace the ?1, ?2 with the desire symbols for the spread (NGH2'NM,NGF3'NM)
    Select "Finish"
  5. tom_p


    Thanks for the info, JayS. Also to Neil and Mike for rekindling interest in NexTrend.
  6. Neil


    Well done Jay.. their support seems to be very good and responsive.. I asked them a few questions earlier today and got a prompt response too.. they are working on a new version due to be released march/april.. this is going to improve several things especially in regard to the market scan... I'll copy their reply in if anyone wants to know...

    Hypostomus.. thanks for replying.. I will post details of my other pages tomorrow etc.. getting late here in the wild and woolly west of ireland.. I saw your thread in SI well done for starting it.. will keep an eye on it.. thanks

  7. JPB


    I've asked them to up the windows per page limit. Hopefully in the next version. If it bothers you guys, please let them know!

    Also, has anyone figured out how to chart a Nasdaq Trin? I can get it in a quote board but that's it.

    Neil- I would like to see what they have to say. I've been looking for a decent scanner and would like to see what they might be adding before I get a different one.

  8. Neil


    JPB - details as described by nextrend re their upcoming scanner features below... it is limited as it stands now altho I have managed to make it work better for me recently having pretty well ignored it before. While nowhere near as user friendly as the more expensive scanners available through realtick etc it can be made to do useful stuff... I have set up a series of defined scans which I have listed on a little page notes window and so can call them on demand.. on my scanning page I keep 4 scan windows open.. 2 of which are set to scan auto every 5 mins.. usually set for % gainers and losers (nasdaq over 1.5 m and $15 - $70) and 2 for whatever I fancy scanning for depending on the day.. such as for stocks following the comp main direction movements of the day.. eg. gapped up.. LOD below pclose.. last above open.. you can then sort by the columns you have and I then scroll though charts of the results and if I am interested in any I drag and drop them into my advanced quote board which shows all the interesting stats as described in my first post..

    anyway here is their email...

    The Market Scan has had several new features added. Below is a list of the
    new features. The version that will have these features will be released
    late March/April.

    1) New fields available for scan criteria: SPREAD, RANGE, OPENGAP, TRADE, 1K
    TRADE = LAST during market hours; Most recent Trade after market hours
    1K BLOCK = Block Trades between 1,000 and 4,999
    5K BLOCK = Block Trades 5,000 and over

    2) New entries to results list can now be distinguished with distinct color
    code and font attributes. An option is provided to allow new entries to be
    painted with a different background color and text color than existing
    entries. The font can also be BOLD and ITALIC. Existing entries text and
    background color can also be changed.

    3) A new default column is now available that displays the entry time for
    the symbol being added to the results listing. The new column is labeled

    4) When a column is now sorted the sort attribute (ascend/descend) and
    column are now persisted when the Market Scan window is saved on a page.

    5) Wizard Interface Enhancements
    - 4 new buttons are now available on the toolbar that allow you to jump
    to a specific step in the Market Scan wizard. The jump steps are: Exchange
    and Market Type; Define Criteria; Select Result Fields; and Additional
    Options. These 4 steps also provide a new "Run Scan" button that allows you
    to immediately exit the wizard and run the scan without having to click
    through all steps to exit the wizard.
    - Select Exchange and Market Type step has been redesigned. This step
    now allows you to save all the existing exchange and market type selections
    to a profile that can be retrieved later on another scan. This allows you
    to have several profiles that can quickly populate different exchange and
    market types without having to manually perform the operation. A checkbox
    is also now available to allow you to filter only "Real-time" exchanges in
    the list.
    - The Define Criteria step now allows you to use any field within any of
    the criteria combo boxes (Upper Bounds, Scan Criteria, Lower Bounds).

    6) New Properties dialog. The properties dialog is a tabbed dialog with the
    following tabs: Appearance, Font, General
    Appearance Tab
    This tab allows you to set the text and background colors for New Entries as
    well as set BOLD and ITALIC text attributes. Existing entries text and
    background colors can be set. There are checkboxes provided for selecting
    which default fields to display in the results list as well as a checkbox
    for displaying the Grid Lines. All these settings can be saved as defaults
    for a new scan window.

    Font Tab
    The font tab is an existing tab that has been available on the Market Scan
    for changing the Font attributes.

    General Tab
    The general tab currently provides 3 checkboxes that allow you to 1) Be
    reminded when delayed and real-time exchanges are mixed in a scan, 2)
    Automatically save modified Profile settings in the Exchange/Market Type
    step, and 3) Automatically save modified Scan Definitions when they are
    modified in the Scan Wizard.

    We know that we need to allow the Quoteboard to sort on column headers,
    however this is going to take a new grid lay out that effect the Quoteboard,
    Account Watch and Most Active. The new grid lay out has been put on the back
    burner for now.

    Hope that is helpful
  9. Neil - I posted a message on the NexTrend thread on SI alerting folks that you're here. Keep up the great posts! - Mike
  10. Neil


    Mike.. thanks for your kind words on SI! I am half irish and half english btw.. returned to the land of my mother.. so not sure which half is the energetic and which the other... hmmm.. have to think about that.. lol

    Good thread on SI.. would post on there too but have only the basic membership so far.. might upgrade later but will follow it in the meantime...

    As I am quite pleased with myself over my recent nextrend efforts I was thinking about having a stab at taking screenshots of my setup in case anyone would like to see... what do you reckon?

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