Nextrend - connection prob - DSL?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by coops, Aug 22, 2001.

  1. coops


    as if trading wasn't difficult enough on its own......

    anyone had probs with Nextrend and DSL modems?

    i should point out i'm in asia (thailand), so my agonies might be a one off!

    just finally got myself a ADSL internet connection, now have new problems.....

    have previously used QT with Datek feed, now fed up with the usual Datek quotes of eg bid 59, ask 58.9 - no kidding. At least IB is ok :) .

    Tried out feed with QT - but QT cannot connect with my DSL modem. Run the "screamer" (their own java based streaming thingy), and no problem - good streaming quotes ahoy.

    BTW - contacted Medved QT about these problems. If you read their faq, the last entry says something like "do you guys ever sleep?" since all queries are promptly replied to. Well.... it is true - quite astonishing. I have not come across service like this over the internet ever before.

    (Ps tonight Datek feed seems to have gone tits up again - it happened before when the red worm came out...)

    ok, so Nextrend gets good reviews - download nice and quick, install, and.....i cannot connect. Screen says it's verifying password etc, but never loads and runs....aaagh.

    ps have downloaded Quicken quotes live and runs fine!!

    i would like to try out Nextrend as well though...

    anyone had probs with Nextrend DSL modems?


    yours with less, and more and more grey hair....

  2. tom_p


    Since your DSL is new, I'd venture to say the problem is at your end. Did you try connecting during market hours? Best thing is to call Nextrend and let them walk you through the whole process. Thailand, eh? Good stuff!!!
  3. elie



    I have nextrend working with dsl. did You try the port 5250 instead 80?

    good luck

  4. tradeRX


    Nextrend performed flawlessly today with cable, as it has for the last few months.

  5. does nextrends level 2 incorporate the complete isld, redi and arca books? thanks..

  6. tom_p


    qwik, sorry but I only subscribe to Nextrend Trader Plus without the level 2 module.
  7. gkc



    I have been using NexTrade since the beginning of this month (with DSL) and it has been working flawlessly. So far, it has been very reliable-


    NexTrade shows all ECNs but only the ones closest to the bid/ask. There is also a seperate Island Book Viewer to see all the orders if you wish-


  8. coops


    thanks for the replies,

    will ask my ISP re different ports etc - i'm sure it's my end where the problem is, just thought maybe anyone had a DSl issue aswell...

    (ps, no free DSL over here, I can tell you...... if you want to use cable which is now available there's even a charge per 100Mb of download.... :-( )

  9. coops



    also got a reply from Nextrend about the port. Changed it in the settings and logs on fine, hurray.

    Guess I'll have to spend a few hours over the weekend looking at this system now.... my 10 sec preview, looks similair workspace style to Quicken Quotes Live....

    anyone used QQL and Nextrend and prefernces? QQl has no futures at the moment....

    thanks all


  10. gkc,

    thanks for the info =)

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