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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmuloin, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. mmuloin


    Does a NexTrend Trader Plus subscription ($79.95/month) include real-time NASDAQ E-mini quotes?

    If yes, can these quotes be charted at 1-min. intervals?

  2. dlincke


    The answer is yes on both counts.
  3. mmuloin


    Is an additional CME exchange fee required to receive real-time NASDAQ e-mini quotes from NexTrend?

    Is their data feed fast and reliable?

  4. dlincke


    E-minis are free until September when the CME will start imposing a $10 per month fee. Their data feed is very fast and reliable in my experience. For Nasdaq they don't go through a third party vendor like S&P Comstock (as e.g. does) but receive direct NQDS and NTDS feeds from Nasdaq. Their weak point is their software which is why I'm only using them as a backup quote provider. Charting is poor, charts cannot be scaled manually, and quote sheet management is cumbersome.
  5. tom_p


    You write "Their weak point is their software which is why I'm only using them as a backup quote provider."
    What do you use?

  6. churasan


    I wanna know some SYMBOLs of indeces.
    ex. Nasdaq, S&P500, CRB, Bonds..
    Are there any list for Nextrend? Can I get in on any website?

  7. vitajex


    Here is the email I received from NexTrend on this
    issue. I don't think they will support $10/mo


    In a memo dated December 14, 2000, we were notified by the CME that the CME
    would no longer offer a $10 real-time streaming quotes pricing category.
    Instead, they will offer a $10 one-minute snapshot pricing category for

    NexTrend Management has taken the position that when the CME/e-mini
    promotion is over, we will provide those symbols in real time through a CME
    subscription ($60.00/month) only. We are not prepared to put in the
    development effort to set up our databases for this type of delay. At
    least for now, adding the CME (or any optional exchange) to NexTrend Trader
    Plus is the only option available.

    If you are aware of a company that is going to continue sending the e-minis
    through for free in streaming real time, please let us know so that we can
    pass the information on to development and management.

    best regards,


    Client Services Representative
    Phone: 888-698-7363 or 214-575-1050
  8. Churasan-

    I just finished three months using NexTrend. There is a symbol lookup feature in the software and I believe that it is at the next to last position on the icon bar. Labeled "S"


    About the CME cost, yes $60 hurts especially when you add it to the cost you already pay but what are you gonna do? There isn't any alternative.

    Berst regards,
  9. dlincke,

    Where did you read the CME was going to charge $10 a month for the emini quotes beginning in September?! There is no mention of this on the CME website. As for the Nextrend memo, I believe there is confusion between emini and full contracts prices, for the full contracts CME charges if I am not mistaken $60 for streaming quotes, $10 for one min. snapshots. What can you do with one min snapshot? This is outrageous. Never heard of a promotion for emini quotes that would expire either.
  10. tymjr


    I spoke with the data people at the CME and my understanding is that the Mini’s will still be 6 months free, then $10 per month. The 1 min snap quotes apply to any data outside of the Mini.
    #10     Aug 17, 2001