nextrend bankrupt ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by marketsurfer, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. is this rumour accurate ?? this may explain the lousy customer service recently.



  2. ...i think this happend a while ago...SWS ( my discount broker) bought or licensed their direct access order entry

  3. thanks macal. who did you switch to ? i use nextrend as my backup and was happy untill the customer service issue.

    thanks !

  4. I'm currently using Esignal. Like any platform, it takes a while to get comfortable with it. I would say that I am content with Esignal but not ecstatic with my decision to change.

    I would have liked to have stayed with Nextrend as I liked/was used to, the platform but I was getting ignored by customer service too often. As a paying customer with alternatives, that really pissed me off.
  5. Surf,

    Nextrend filed chapter 11 back in October and they are still operating. They just raised their prices, but if you trade all sorts of securities they are probably still a good value. I am going to speak to them about customer service and discuss their plans going forward. They just updated their EDAT software on 3/5/03. It looks like they are going to stay in business. If they get their customer service back on track I will continue to use them.