NexTrend:1yr.charts,TRIN,&Nasdaq TRIN ??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by etbal, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. etbal


    Would like a little help from any NexTrend users on
    configuring 6 mth.& 1 yr. charts that don't appear
    skewed. Also, I can't seem to be able to get current
    chart on TRIN and Nasdaq TRIN.

    I've talked to tech. support a number of times and they
    indicate they are working to resolve such issues.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from this
    junior member.
  2. tradeRX


    Are these issues resolved?
  3. elie



    I copy an email answer from nextrend, to my question about the nasdaq trin symbol.

    >>>Dear Elie
    We do not have a symbol for the NASDAQ trin, however you can create a
    formula and view the value in a quoteboard or chart.

    Select the "Formula" icon
    Follow screen prompts.
    The formula expression is:

    If you want to see the value in a quoteboard, do the following:
    Select your quoteboard
    Press F4 on your keyboard to get into advanced edit mode
    Type in the formula name with open and closed parenthesis in an empty cell
    without a heading Ex: TRIN()
    Press enter
    Press F4 on your keyboard to exit edit mode.

    Now create a Chart using the Formula.

    To add the Formula to a Chart.
    Select the "Chart" icon
    Look to the right of the "Symbol Name" field and select "Formula"
    Select the dropdown for "Symbol Name" and select the name of your formula.
    Select "Finish"

    Until database development can calculate the NASDAQ Trin, and provide a
    symbol, this is our only work around.


    Client Services Representative
    Phone: 888-698-7363 or 214-575-1050