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  1. swing trades.

    As the market seems to be getting weaker i would suggest hedging ones trades by buying some QID. Swing this ETF (short the QQQQ 2x). while playing longs.

    I like FNET (currently trading at 7.86) as a long here. Seems to be forming a bottom over the last week. The key here is the risk/reward. Keep a mental stop at 7.46. A break of that and it would fill the gap to 6.85 if not go a touch lower. However, on the upside it appears a bounce is in order. A break of 8.50 and short covering would start. This could easily shoot it over 9/share. With a huge short position here a short squeeze can occur very easily. This would force a major rise in share price. According to yahoo finance, 26% of the float is short. The float is only 2.93M which sets up for a quick rise on lack of shares (short squeeze).

    In addition, the recent decline was due to downgrades over fears that their poker gaming system would not be approved. In my opinion, these fears were already known. The stock drop of 20+% was an over reaction.

    Lets also keep in mind this company is profitable with revenue growing in the double digits as compared to one year ago.

    All in all, with a downside of .40 while an upswing would give anywhere from .75-1.50 in my opinion. Risk/reward play all the way.

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    PS. everyday i will post a new idea for a swing trade. i would love to discuss these ideas with all traders and investors