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  1. who are the most capable - and not already discredited... - persons to pull America back out of the shit hole the PNAC neocons have dug for her?

    how are they planning to handle the situation in the middle-east, terror threats, and broadly speaking the foreign policy & posture issues that have caused the US a total loss of respect & support from the rest of the world over the years? how are they planning to address America's huge domestic problems, SS, pensions, budget deficit etc?

    just curious...
  2. I suspect none of that matter's, because Guilliani is a shoe-in.
  3. fine then... at least no time wasted on pathetic anti-abortion etc etc type cathofascist BS this time... u guys may want to stay focussed on the real issues till u get out of the hole! wish u luck but... it ain't gonna be easy
  4. Well, that's a bit harsh.

    Ok, you dont think guilliani is a shoe in, well, that only leaves one other choice.

    Sylvester Stallone.
    You heard it here, first.
  5. happy with giuliani... except i don't vote in the US...
  6. Me either. Thank f##k for that.

    I hate voting, on principle.......
    Why should anyone, be forced to vote for one criminal, over another.
  7. same here, i've never liked auction markets that much, continuous matching & settlement suits me much better... wld be more fun if we cld vote them in or out of office at any time! no more polling institutes, no more campaign finance type issues, they'd need to be accountable at all times... {yawn} done too much thinking at once, i'm exhauuusted...
  8. Guiliani is NOT a shoe-in, thankfully.
    (Check tradesports. McCain is heavily favored over everyone else.)

    Understand this: Giuliani is ten times the fascist of our current president. If he wins, pack your bags, because this country is fucking DONE. Even that deceitful bitch Hillary is preferable over Rudy the fascist, although she will NEVER become president. Not a snowballs chance in hell. Never ever ever...
  9. Pabst


    Are you an American?
  10. RM, please elaborate on your statement.

    How is Giuliani "ten times the fascist of our current president"?
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