next trade to double in value?

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  1. There's something about the idea of doubling one's money on an investment that intrigues most investors

    Fortunately, doubling your money is a realistic goal that investors should always be moving toward

    By investing money into things and ideas that “make money”… you can get rich

    Whatever you invest in with your money, double your profits when you sell it

    Let's look at the math:
    $100-initial investment.
    $200-first ROI
    $400-second ROI
    $800-third ROI
    $12 800-seventh
    $204800-eleventh (1/4 million)
    $409600-twelfth (1/2 million)
    $819200-thirteenth (nearly a million)
    $1638400-fourteenth (nearly 2 million)

    i need to know what to buy to double my money now?
  2. Why double when you can quadruple?

    On my calculator I press a "*" and then a "4" and then I keep pressing "=". It's amazing!
  3. can i buy your calculator?
  4. Let's look at the math:
    $100-initial investment.
    Be a lifetime before you get to the sixth, let alone fourteenth, so rather than base it on fantasy, work a job, earn $20,000, and put it into a 5 stock portfolio.

    The stocks that grow exponentially like Apple have a 12,000% return or 120 times money in the last 15 years, so that $100=$12,000. But you're now 15 years older. The doubles you are looking for require high ROE's and scalability, and so few companies have that that the scale stimies their expansion and they never reach a mature large cap level, mired in a small or mid cap status basically for the remainder of the time that they're public.
  5. so which 5 stock have apple potencial at the moment?
  6. Any of the ones with high ROE, low PEG, scalability, moat, and below $1 billion market cap. They also need to have products with the potential to be cultural icons.

    Facebook has 10% of the world population, so if one day it becomes 100% it would still, only then, be fairly valued wherever it will IPO.
  7. Sure, I got for $10. I'll sell it to you for... hold on a sec... $40. Deal?
  8. Years back you needed to check on schedule 14D's and 144's etc. to monitor inside buying but now it's much easier. You just have to be creative and aware so here's some suggestions to start you off...

    CCM is the key, meaning look for Corruption, Control & Manipulation as the way ahead my friends. For example, back the Green Earth policy and invest in carbon certificates as the carbon exchange is owned by the same crooks who are telling us every home, every business and eventually every person on the planet will have a carbon footprint. Once you invest join protest movements.

    A few months back just about the whole world signed up to this silly covenant and the UN is going to push it down everyone's throat. Expect to have your garbage examined to make sure you are a good citizen.

    Keep an eye on Monsano as the greedy whatchamacallit's tried to patent the world's seeds and introduce terminators seeds. Eventually they will create a way to cause their GM crops to have gov backing so make sure you get in for the ride when that is about to happen...

    Buy into vaccine manufacturing at the first sign of a pandemic scare. These vaccines cost pennies to make and the gov. will happily pay several thousand % mark ups (meaning once again we pay). The beauty about this is your profits are guaranteed as vaccinations will be imposed on everyone at gunpoint. There are more lawsuits paid out by these crooks than even Wall Street.

    Vastly increase your ability to invest in these scams by getting involved in third world or developing nations through World Bank programs to protect forestry and indigenous tribes. Pull your green tee shirts on and get out here as soon as you can before the rush of tax payer's $'s come this way. They pay big bucks for studies on how you will collect their payments.,00.html

    Don't forget to leverage your investments by getting rid of tax liabilities. Be like Bono and write songs and poetry about saving the world while you set up trusts to legally say you have no control over your finances and no liability to tax. Let the other idiots pay their taxes while you help direct the cash flows. Then get an impersonator to take the flack...

    Now be creative and enjoy ;)
  9. Today the green myth in the UK takes a great stride forward and to hell with the truth...

    Today Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will endorse the £14billion scheme in a major speech on ‘greening’ Britain’s homes. He will say it is essential to reduce energy bills and the nation’s carbon footprint.

    However the energy savings are not calculated on the basis of a home’s actual energy usage but using an estimate called the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) – found by an independent review to be ‘very inaccurate’.

    In a study by Bath University of seven homes which installed a variety of efficiency measures, five of the owners found the predicted savings under this calculation did not materialise.

    One family living in a Victorian terrace installed ten separate improvements including floor and loft insulation, double glazing and solar heating. They were predicted to save £1,139 a year after spending more than £50,000 on ‘greening’ their house. The actual savings were just a quarter of that figure at £269. A 1930s semi expected to save £413 a year saved just £216.

    Another study on 139 council houses in Sunderland found savings on energy bills were just 12 per cent rather than the expected 19 per cent, also based on the SAP calculation.

    An official pilot study on 67 homes in Sutton, South London, found all of those who took the 25-year payback package rather than ten years – a third of the owners – faced repayments higher than the savings.

    Green measures are expected to add ten per cent to the cost of any building project in the home. This would be mandatory from April 2014 for inefficient homes.

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