Next Toronto Hook up -thurs may 25

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. pbw


    Fellow traders, let us get together once again at the Pauper's Pub -- thurs may 25 th -- time 8:00pm

    however earliest I can show up is around 8:30 -- but will attempt for 8:00.

    539 bloor st -- Bathurst and Bloor

    indicate a yes or no


    btw, I will be skipping my daily breakout forex trading method which starts 8pm -- m-f -- which means no pips for that evening --hence I would like at least 10 or so traders to show up to make the evening a consulable replacement.
  2. sumosam


    Thanks pbw. I would be interested in attending, but just find it very loud and the parking expensive....imho

    Was wondering, if, there was any interest in attending a hook up at the Homestead parking...Around the corner from the Old Mill subway stop. beautiful bar, comfy chairs, lovely setting. It is located just inside the new Old Mill hotel.:confused: :D
  3. PBW surely you mean june 25th and not may 25th

    sumosam - that sounds like a good idea, new venues are always nice.

    Count me in
  4. pbw


    Indeed my error -how may I thank you, may be my thanks is not enough --or may be I should call may day, and that may help out this may delima we may be stuck in. My friend May is also planing to attend. She may not show up.

    I will start a new thread -- so others are not confused.

    Yes I would not mind checking out the Homestread. May you give more details Sumosam.