Next Toronto Hook up Thur May 27

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, May 10, 2010.

  1. pbw


    Hello Toronto Trader folks -- I bumped into Barry Last night --and we thought it would be good to have another hook up -- the last one I see done was Aug 2009.

    So as long as there is no talk on trading, just getting a bit drunk, annoying the waitresses, and maybe the ocasional un political correct joke -- then I say lets head for Paupers at 8:00pm.

    Hope to see some of the oldies with more grey hair and hopefully a bigger bank balance.

    I may give a brief presentation on my 4h break out on the forex market.

    Yours Truly, Pbw.

    Paupers is at Bathurst and Bloor --539 Bloor

    Would like to see about 15 -20 Toronto traders come out.
  2. Is this happening?
  3. pbw


    cancelled for tommorrow. Summer is just beginning so maybe down the road we will try again again. Pbw.