Next Toronto Hook up Sept 25

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. pbw


    The summer slump is over and the fall action has begun.

    Let us start off with a good turn out for the next Toronto hook up.

    Paupers is the place --time is 7:30pm

    Meet on the main floor. We may go to the roof top like last time or second floor if it is open.

    preferred attendance because it is Sept -is 20 -25 !!

    Sign up quick and let us know u r attending....

    No fancy seminars here -- just a get together for a drink --and sharing knowledge, expereince, network and desperate emotions if I should get out of this mad game - or will this be my year....
  2. pbw


    Btw -- after trading for over a year --some what still new to this game -- I so far have lost more than I have made -- so obviously anyone who can afford to buy me a beer is more than welcome.

    Hence-- regardless of one'e trading expereince --from beginer to advanced --rich or poor -- fat or short -- all are welcomed to attend our Toronto hook ups. We enjoy having new persons drop by -- even those out of towners just passing through --

    like our friend Don Bright did -- and he even ended up buying the group beer and food.

    Of course I offered to pick up the tab -- but Don adamantly refused -- just kidding....
  3. sumosam


    I'm in.
  4. sumosam


    I don't think we are clear as to the date. i understand it will be this Thursday. Where is everyone????? This has been a wild week trading and we need some comraderie from our fellow traders!:D :D :D
  5. bespoke


    Are ALL traders welcome? :D

    Too bad it wasn't Friday. I live out of town so it's not convenient during the week. I'll be moving to TO next month so hopefully I can attend the next one.

  6. sumosam


    We do have two traders that come from out of town. Hope to see you next month!
  7. pbw


  8. pbw


    So far we have only two signed up -- if anyone from the regulars is planning to attend, can you let me know through pm or on here. I'd like to have at least 5 - 7 to make the hook up worth while. I have another event I am planning to attend if this hook up is cancelled.

    We don't have to meet every month btw. We are just a laid back group -- though recent events in the markets are testing if that is true.....
  9. bonds


    not sure if i'm coming yet... will be a last second decision for me
  10. sumosam


    Lets forego this month for lack of interest. See you next month, though. I am off to San Fran for 2 Gann courses. Would love to share if anyone is interested.....However, going 19th October and returning 29th so may have to make it November?

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