Next Toronto Hook up - July 31, 2008

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. pbw


    Thurs July 31st, at 7:00pm -- at On the Rocks.
  2. Looks like noone is responding? Any takers?

    Ill be there!!
  3. pbw


    Tach, usually it seems for most places July and August, people tend to have their summer plans -- and it often gets quiet. I prefer we continue with the hook ups -- but if at least 5 or so don't sign up, I think we should skip it and try again next month.
  4. Guys Friday night works better for me at Paupers Pub
  5. ahh yes Paupers on a friday... heard good things!

    I can do that.
  6. pbw


    Actually, that is a great idea -- Fridays also work out for me a "lot" better now. And Paupers is good place. Only 8:00pm is better.

    So it is a go as far as I'm concerned. It gets more busy there so finding seats may require more patience.

    So far we have four signed up --but we like at least 10 or so to show up.

    All are welcome -- despite one's level of trading experience.
  7. Sorry guys - if its Friday then i'm out.
  8. pbw


    I like to have 5 - 7 minimum to sign up --since we don't have that much -- lets cancel this time round. We will try again for August 28-- cheers.