Next Toronto Hook up - Fri March 27

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. pbw


    Respected fellow beer drinking traders, I would like to propose our next hook up to be at Paupers pub on Fri March 27. Time: 7:00pm.

    Thursday evenings I am occupied with another program I attend.
    So Thursdays are difficult for me to attend in the near future.

    Although Paupers gets busy and noisy on especially Fridays, if we arrive by 7:00pm we will not have a problem with seating -- as it gets busy usually later on around 9pm or so.

    Let us have another good turn out. I am hoping about 15 - 20 traders will show up.

    If you are a trader in Toronto, expereinced or new, come out and have a drink with us.

    Anyone interested in giving a short presentation?

    If you are a new trader to our group, you need to sign up here and let us know you are attending.

    Paupers is located at 539 Bloor Street West, just east of Bathurst Street.
  2. Hello Pbw, This is chicagobuy. I have not attended for a while. It will be nice meeting you again. Count me in.
  3. Hey PBW

    Thanks for the invite but im afraid this month is out for me. I have other plans that night so wont be able to make it out for Friday 27th

    Cheers - have a good one!!

  4. sumosam


    not sure yet what my plans are for Friday....but will come if possible
  5. pbw


    Fridays prove to be not as popular as Thursdays -- which is understandable to some extent. However, my Thursdays are booked for the forseeable future. The earliest I could attend on Thurs. would be around 10pm.

    If someone wants to plan the next hook up for a Thurs is fine by me. I will try to come around -- hopefully some will be still be around at 10pm or so.

    Hence due to lack of participants, I think it be best to skip this Fri -- or else if at least six or seven confirm attendance -- then it may still be worth while. Lets wait until Thurs before making a final decision though.
  6. count me as two since my friend is also interested.
  7. mmmarkus


    A Wednesday or Thursday evening works best for me. If it changes to one of these days, count me in.
  8. Me too!!!!

    Wed / Thurs are fine. Fridays are too tough.
  9. pbw


    Looks like Fri is not a good day. Wednesdays are definitely not good on my side. I think it is best to stick to what so far has worked best --which is Thurs. As I said I could come by around 9 - 10pm. Perhaps someone else can plan for the next hook up for Thurs -- and start around 8pm if possible.

    Tommorrow hook up is cancelled.
  10. Is there any plans for a Toronto hookup for April? I'm from out of town but have to be in Toronto April 22 to 25. I'd love to drop in to a get together if there happened to be one then.
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