Next Toronto ET Hook up with Don Bright Jan 30th

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    If you are planning to attend Don Brights seminar with the Toronto ET Hook up Group --which is being sponsored by the CSTA in care of Jeff --please sign up here and let us know who is attending so we have an idea of numbers --

    you need also to sign up with the CSTA --as per Jeff's request. There is no charge for this event.

    So far 5 -6 persons have notified me they are planning to attend.

    Here is Jeff's last message -

    Don Bright In Toronto

    Hi all (again). per discussions started in this group, Don Bright is coming to Toronto and will be presenting with his colleague Rob Friesen of PairCo on 30-Jan-2008 (4:30-5:30PM). Yes, this is a CSTA event, but please do not consider this an ad. I thought it would be of interest to everyone because Don posts here. There will be no other CSTA event notices. to sign-up, visit and follow the links. there is no charge for CSTA members and first time attendees.


    So if you are new and are planning to attend please sign up here and let us know.

    The time of Don's talk is 4:30 to 5:30pm -- after that the talk we will likely go to the lounge downstairs and have a beer with Don which will be around 6pm and onwards --so if you cannot attend the talk and want to just come for the beer part --that option is still availbale.
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    so any last minuters planning to check out Don Bright --
  3. don's meeting is now sold out. sorry to those that did not register. we had a flood of interest after the financial forum. it does look like several elite traders did get in under the wire, so i hope to see you tomorrow.

    watch for upcoming presentations. feel free to suggest ideas for presentations and speakers. the CSTA has a bit of pull with some big names and may be able to fly them in to do a presentation if demand warrants.

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    Thanks Jeff for the message- hopefully those who confirmed with me also took the time to register. For those who successfully registered and are planning to attend, please be sure to let me know who you are perferably via pm--so we can see if its appropriate to sit with Don after wards..
  5. Hey there Sid

    So if we cant register anymore, can we still meet with Don afterwards, or should we just not bother.

    I would like to attend this seminar

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    U procrastinator...

    Sitting with Don after the talk at 5:30pm and onwards is open as long as we have enough persons and Don is willing to buy us a beer. I think u should be fine for that. As far as getting in for 4:30pm you will need to send a pm to Jeff -- hopefully he may get u in once he knows u r from the ET group. Definitely give it a shot is what I would say.

    The same goes to any other procastinator...
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    Hey Jeff,

    Adrienne Toghraie is coming to Toronto March 15/16 for a seminar. I would love her to present at a CSTA event as you mentionned.

    Heard her speak at the Financial Forum, had coffee with her and others afterward. Am attending her seminar, she is one amazing woman!

    :) :) :D :D :eek: :eek: :p :p
  8. HOW DID IT GO?? what did Don say??

    Did you give him a parting gift (hopefully something warm to wear. brrrrrr.).
    Who has pictures of the speaking?
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    On behalf of the Toronto ET Hook up group, I would like to thank Don Bright and his partner Rob Friesen for a truly memorable evening. A lot of ground was covered and Don was ever enthuthiastic and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with us. We had great food, good beers -- and most questions raised to Don and Rob were well answered. Mostly Don and Rob's method of Pair Trading was discussed. If Don or Rob ever come by these neck of the woods again, they would certainly have some fans here.
  10. Hi guys, thanks for the kind words...and, yes, I enjoyed the meeting and the "after party."

    Thanks to the owner of Swift Trade, Charles Kim, an old friend who spent some time with us here in Las Vegas a few years back, for buying all the munchies.

    I'm happy to do it again, however, not in January with a 21 degree below zero wind chill, LOL. Make it Summertime next time.

    And yes, I think Adrienne would be an excellent choice. She does a lot to help traders, IMO.

    Thanks again,

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