Next time, just KILL these ANIMALS

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  1. Next time, just KILL these ANIMALS.

    Judge throws out piracy charges against 6 Somalis
    By STEVE SZKOTAK, Associated Press Writer Steve Szkotak, Associated Press Writer 21 mins ago

    RICHMOND, Va. – A judge on Tuesday dismissed piracy charges against six Somali nationals accused of attacking a Navy ship off the coast of Africa, concluding the U.S. government failed to make the case their alleged actions amounted to piracy.

    The dismissal of the piracy count by U.S. District Judge Raymond A. Jackson tosses the most serious charge against the men, but leaves intact seven other charges related to the alleged April 10 attack on the USS Ashland in the Gulf of Aden. A piracy conviction carries a mandatory life term.

    Defense attorneys argued last month that the Ashland defendants did not meet the U.S. legal definition of piracy because they did not take command of and rob the Navy amphibious dock landing ship.

    Jackson agreed in his ruling, finding that the government "failed to establish that any unauthorized acts of violence or aggression committed on the high seas constitutes piracy as defined by the law of nations.

    Jackson, who issued the ruling from Norfolk, wrote that the government was attempting to use "an enormously broad standard under a novel construction of the statute" that would contradict a nearly 200-year-old Supreme Court decision.

    The six are accused of attacking the Ashland in a skiff, though they claim they were ferrying refugees. The Ashland is 610 feet long and designed to carry hovercraft and other vehicles for amphibious assaults. The skiff was destroyed by one of the ship's 25mm cannons.

    Attorneys for five other Somali defendants accused in a similar attack on the USS Nicholas are also seeking dismissal of the piracy count, citing similar arguments. They are being tried before a different judge.

    The government did not immediately respond to an Associated Press request for comment.
  2. Only in America.
  3. Civil suits for destruction of their boat, pain and suffering and psychological distress to follow.
  4. " first...kill all lawyers..."