Next time it will not be only the Jews but 50% of Humanity

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  1. 50% of reduction of United State population (and probably of Humanity since why would he stop at the door of United States huh ?) that is the project of Rockfeller published officially in his CFR magazine, CFR that directs the military strategy of United States.

    In the perspective of History (see John Loftus, Justice Department prosecutor, in his "Secret war against the Jews", don't be astonish that Rockfeller and Bush Families continue their insane project but next time it will not be against the jews only, it will be against the whole humanity:

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    CFR does have perhaps some influence;
    CNBC always rubber stamps them ''experts''

    Respectfull disagree with your last statement i put in
    a ''downgap'':cool:

    E- mailed white house -President Bush-DO NOT agree with State department road map=road trap;
    but Bush senior and , junior has actually military smart bombed more enemies of Israel than President Ford, Reagan,Carter,Clinton combined.

    Real war against Jews , America, Christians isnt secret, its fundamentalist Islam.

    Disagree with mr Bush senior quitting NRA [National Rifle Association]& JPFO means Jews for Possession of Firearms Ownership. President Bush almost always helps NRA.
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    Like the % of Presidents members of NRA- National Rifle Association;
    JPFP = Jews for the Possession of Firearms Ownership.:cool:
  4. perhaps ? Haha it's an understatement.