Next Target for S&P500 --> 1120,00

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chapabranca, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. Hey Lithium, the last time you posted a chart like this saying the S&P would rocket up, it dropped over 50 points. I SHORTED 2 hours before you posted this and finished the day 10 points up exiting about 4 pm EDT. I'll be looking for another place to SHORT on Monday after this retracement, hoping you will repeat your last bumbling prediction with as much vigor. You and Elliott need to pack your drug bottles and go on a search to find E.T. and his glowing finger.
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  2. TGregg


    I don't know how in the world you guys can daytrade with such strong opinions of where we'll be in the next month or so. Seems like I say something like "Looks like we might have a trend up day" in our chat room, and 30 seconds later I'm shorting.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that 1253 is a widely anticipated top based on fib retrace, perhaps too widely. Which possibly suggests either just missing it, or busting on through before a reverse.

    But I dunno. Take the trades as they come. Listen to the market, she'll tell you where she's going when she's ready. And she'll lie sometimes, and laugh at you.

    The market, she's clearly feminine.
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  3. I'll second that. One of the smartest things I've read here.
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  4. hajimow


    Look at the GDP chart. Every other Q, it peaks but the peak is lower than the previous peak and then the next Q it goes down and it is lower than the previous low. I have done a prediction for the next Q (third Q) that I am showing it in the chart. It should be a little better than this Q but lower than the 1st Q. it looks scary. You might smell recession from it. What if the next Q GDP dips a little bit more?.
    FYI : It seems that 3rd Q was always the best Q for GDP.
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  5. ok, this post made my weekend! I cannot stop laughing. Thanks Charlie!
    #85     Jul 30, 2005
  6. hajimow


    Take the trades as they come. Listen to the market, she'll tell you where she's going when she's ready.

    Don't you think that she tells you where she is going after you see she is already there? I agree with you but I also use my short term prediction. If I see her packing, I will know when is going to leave. If I see bikini in her packing, I know that she is going south and if I see her jacket in her suit,I will know she is going north :cool:
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  7. It's so hard to keep track of what is actually said on ET because of all of the aliases . . . People that have a $3,000 Ameritrade account that they dabble in during their summer vacations in college and like to see their name in print on ET.

    Even today, I received an e-mail from an ET member asking me if "RubberBirdBrain" was "Charlie Dow". Interesting observation.

    I would suggest that real traders have very little time for this site.
    There is little value here, and it reads like a Yahoo Message Board the majority of the time.

    If one feels comfortable interpreting Elliott Wave in such a manner ( as Chapabranca does ) that they let 5 weeks go by from "their call" before initiating a short sale in the ES, and then watch it go 33 handles against them for what they rationalize as a "mid-term" trade - - - and people on ET don't have an issue with this, then I guess that that is a superb reflection on the lack of value and mediocrity that has taken over this website.

    Baron is well aware of this, but he chooses to ignore it because for him it is all about website "hits" and the "traffic" stats that he can show a potential advertiser. Why else would he make the decision to bring back the "Chit Chat Forum"? - - - Hence are the Catch-22's of running a non-pay site that attracts the blowhards and misfits of the world that pretend to trade and have audited track records that show +650% gains.

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  8. I don't know about rubberbird but I will give you my Skype name to call me to hear my voice personally, (it's free so it won't cut into your lithium money) and to say you just exactly what I think of you in person. I live in the US, east of the Mississippi. If anyone on this site has multiple personality disorder it is you.
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  9. Interesting.

    The reason that a member of ET e-mailed me questioning your actual identity and whether you and RubberBird were one and the same was because of your constant use of the word, lithium . . .

    Gee, I wonder why it is that BOTH you and him seem to use that word so much, eh?
    I am obviously not the only member of ET that has observed this. Anyone can do a simple "search" on ET and see that you and Rubberbird undoubtedly have this drug in common. Charlie Dow has used the word here on ET a half a dozen times already in the past month.

    How ironic.
    #89     Jul 30, 2005
  10. Hell hath freezin over...a member of ET emailed the lithium kid !!

    Lithium, rather than boring us with the details, shouldn't you be in 7th heaven that someone on ET actually has contacted you? You have a new friend!! Who would have thunk it, someone contacting the lithium kid!
    #90     Jul 30, 2005
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