Next Target for S&P500 --> 1120,00

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chapabranca, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. There might be something to this Elliott analysis, projecting new yearly lows. This three day puke has been more vicious than early March, specially the Dow which just erased in just three days half of its gains since the April low.

    We all know how the puke off the 3/7 top ended.

    Of additional concern: the YM spiking down, the transports looking at the border of an abyss etc etc not to mention oil looking like getting ready for a parabolic hyperspace launch.

    I don't get my trading signals from Elliott wave but I follow it for confirmation and eye-balling profit targets. I don't think it's bullshit.
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  2. Bird, kudos on the Short call in the Mini S&P. I was watching when you started the thread. I loved seeing the naysayers disappear after yesterday when you pooed on their heads. Keep Flying!
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  3. If I'm Logic that must make you marketsurfer.
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  4. Hey Bird-Brain, I guess you can't figure it out can you?

    Our good buddy "Charles Dow" has already come aboard ET insulting others and telling everyone else on the board that he has no methodology, doesn't care to teach others how he makes his market calls, and is only here for himself, no one else.

    If that is in fact the case, why even bother coming onto ET except to toot your own horn and be a LEGEND in your own MIND?

    Sounds real productive to you, doesn't it?
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  5. Looks like we got here a lot quicker than I thought.
    1192.50 providing a bit of support here in the final hour of trading. The Russell Rebalancing might make things interesting, but only about 208 stocks being added.
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  6. I never said I had "no methodology". (Bird, I see what you mean by the lithium) Look at my name Oh-Clueless-One.

    I didn't say I don't care to teach others. I said I wouldn't tell someone how I traded. Big difference, none of their business. I'm a trader, not a philanthropist.

    I made a Market call because the forum I posted in asked the question, so I posted my opinion.

    The prof was an arrogant a$$, I'm a confident SOB. There is a difference there too.

    Man you do need drugs. You lie threw your teeth and sling accusations that you wouldn't make anywhere else but in a forum hiding on the net. I bet you drive a vet too, right? Get a life or like Bird told you to do, go take more lithium.
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  7. Excuse me, but I guess your arrogance once again made you look like the SOB that you really are . . . A little sensitive for the anonymous Internet, don't you think? Is your big bad EGO that sensitive to what someone writes on a message board on the Internet? - - - I didn't think that REAL traders were that "thin-skinned".


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    Quote from Charlie Dow:

    Seems to me it's like seeing a cliff, driving over it and and then complaining on the way down you are falling. This top has been setting up since the 6th and confirmed yesterday afternoon about 1 pm EDT. It's been in free fall every since. If you were long you were either asleep, not paying attention or can't read price. That means that those who can read price, were paying attention and weren't asleep took the spike in stride. When the man-hole bounce completed, price continued on it's current trajectory. Down!

    Quote from Samson77

    Well welcome to the forum and you are starting it off well by insulting half the traders in here!

    You should fit in just fine.

    Seriously though it's nice that you think you are so wise and brilliant but maybe you might want to think before you type.

    If you are so brilliant post BEFORE the move and not after then we will all go WOW.
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  8. And In Your Own Words . . .

    "OK, Samson said the Trend was UP. I said that depended on what trend you are looking at and explained my view of trend. And then gave an example. He said, wow why not start a journal and then I said no thank you because of how journal posters are treated in here. I then said that the only person I needed to impress was me."

    Sound familiar?
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  9. I repeat. You wouldn't blantantly lie to your mother. Don't do it here.

    ET has 34,304 members. It's up in the air how many traders there are among them but I threw a barb at one and apologized for it. Of course you wouldn't mention that.

    And as far as posting the move BEFORE it happens. I did mental giant. Check page 4, bottom of the page, of this thread. I posted the call 4 days before it happened, placed a stop .50 point above the actual retracement top and called the initial target DEAD ON yesterday's low. Let me know how your shoe tastes.
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  10. yup, I said that. Out of context but I said that. What's your point?
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