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Discussion in 'Trading' started by netkoala, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I am Currency trading and have found a satisfactory broker.
    It is ECN 5 digit and does not have intrusive limitations on trading outside of the spread, ie allow limits and stops with no minimums. And they have segregated accounts.

    They are trading via Currenex.
    There is a Currenex pro platform but when compared to MT4 - there is not alot between them and the MT4 platform is has more automated features.

    But like all/most forex MT4 brokers, my money is pooled.
    So a single bad trade by one client can send the company into liquidation and getting 30 cents in the dollar.
    And yes it happened recently where a different forex firm held onto a bad trade for years.

    But I feel that whilst my broker is doing straight thru - it seems to me that washing machine algorithms can be running at a higher level.
    I am not saying that Currenex do this, but that I want to move to a more private interface so that I know they cannot be doing this.
    Also that my account will not be pooled at any stage.
    It will likely mean foregoing leverage. Yes 200:1 and better is good.
    But it ought to be possible to trade off bank data feed and accept less leverage.
    Even if that may mean having 1M to trade 1M.

    So how do I move up the technology ladder? What is the next step?

    Altenatively, perhaps I should go to MBTrading or a Swiss alternative that offer MT4, to ensure that my money is never pooled but this does not avoid the potential for my trades being known.

    Suggestions ? Who do hedge firms go via?
    Maybe interactive brokers at 40:1 is best ????