Next President Must Live Like Coolidge, Not Obama

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  1. Next President Must Live Like Coolidge, Not Obama
    Posted 08/19/2011 06:45 PM ET

    Rick Perry, governor of Texas, has been in the presidential race for only 20 minutes, but he's already delivered one of the best lines in the campaign:

    "I'll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can."

    This will be grand news to Schylar Capo of Virginia. The 11-year-old made the mistake of rescuing a woodpecker from the jaws of a cat and nursing him back to health for a couple of days and, for her pains, was visited by a federal Fish and Wildlife gauleiter (with accompanying state troopers) who charged her with illegal transportation of a protected species and issued her a $535 fine.

    If the federal child abuser has that much time on his hands, he should have charged the cat, who was illegally transporting the protected species from his gullet to his intestine.

    So Schylar and other middle schoolers targeted by the microregulatory superstate might well appreciate Gov. Perry's pledge. But you never know, it might just catch on with the broader population, too.

    Bill Clinton thought otherwise.

    "I got tickled by watching Gov. Perry," said the former president. "And he's saying, 'Oh, I'm going to Washington to make sure that the federal government stays as far away from you as possible — while I ride on Air Force One and that Marine One helicopter and go to Camp David and travel around the world and have a good time.' I mean, this is crazy."

    This is the best argument the supposedly smartest operator in the Democratic Party can muster?

    If Clinton wants to make the increasingly and revoltingly unrepublican lifestyle of the American president a campaign issue, Perry should call his bluff.

    If I understand correctly the justification advanced by spokesgropers for the Transport Security Administration, the reason they poke around the genitalia of 3-year-old girls and make wheelchair-bound nonagenarians in the final stages of multiple sclerosis remove their diapers in public is that by doing so they have made commercial air travel the most secure environment in America.

    In that case, why can't the president fly commercial?

    You'd be surprised how many heads of state do.

    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands flies long haul on KLM. Don't worry, she's not in coach all night squeezed next to the mom with the crying baby and the party of English soccer hooligans baying moronic victory chants all night.
  2. Obama's increasingly regal lifestyle should absolutely be an issue.
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    Quote from trader666:

    Ironically, if Perry followed through on this promise, he'd eliminate half of the jobs in Texas. Blowhard politicians. Of course, what he could do is turn every business owner into honest, God-feeeerin' men - then we could do away with all the bureaucracy & taxes involved with consumer protection laws, labor laws, ethics laws, zoning laws, building codes, environmental laws, truth in lending laws ... and a couple of others.

    But wait ... we should not look too harshly upon either side of the aisle. In looking out for their constituancy, they follow their hearts ... they ... they abide by the Golden Rule: Whomever has the Gold, makes the Rules!!

    And that ain't us, baby.