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  1. Thought it might be fun to start a betting pool on what well known tech stock is next to be taken out and shot- bankruptcy, delisting, etc.

    Obviously no payout to the winner except the glory of being the first to call it (unless someone w/ bookie experience wants to get involved...)
  2. My bet is on WCOM...
  3. toad57


    MSFT? :eek: :D
  4. Babak


    NT due to liquidity problems...bankers not returning calls:D


    Bill Gates reveals hidden arsenal of nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed at undisclosed location somewhere in the Yukon; demands all competitors voluntarily destroy their software or Silicon Valley will be annihilated. US Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft declares Gates "megalomaniac madman, new face of 21st century terrorism." All assets of Microsoft Corp. frozen, stock plummets. Smart aleck traders buy MSFT as panic play, briefly halting the decline at thirty cents before plunge to zero. Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs simultaneously lower MSFT rating to hold from strong buy.
  6. MLTC ain't looking to good
  7. QQQQ
  8. Marconi - MONI
  9. Level3 communications(LVLT)'s hard to find shares to short, but you can still get some options:cool:
  10. TYC, DYN or WCOM...
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