Next New product from Apple?

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    I agree with the rumours that Apple will launch some sort of PDA/tablet type device, with mainstream appeal. Three reasons for this:

    - nobody has really done a tablet "right" thus far, in terms of price and size matrix, i.e. relatively low cost and smallish form factor.

    - Apple has a tendency add new technologies to existing ones, while not necessarily focusing on the new technologies. For example, the iPod Touch is not technically marketed as a device to surf the Internet on your couch via WiFi, it is primarily marketed as an iPod that happens to allow you to surf. The company followed a similar approach with the original video iPod - it was an iPod that happened to allow you to watch videos on it.

    - Apple has from my understanding patented the heck out of this new "multi-touch" interface, you can bet that it will be utilized for more than just iPods. Apparently there will also soon be larger format versions of the screens used for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    I personally think that the next "cool" device is going to be a larger size iPod Touch, kind of a digital lifestyle device minus cellular capability. Something that a person can listen to music, surf the web, webchat, IM, e-mail, and perhaps basic word processing, all in a smaller unit than lugging around a laptop. The current younger generation is application focused - they are not necessarily using a laptop because they want to use a laptop, they are using a laptop because they (for example) want to use Facebook.

    I spend a reasonable amount of time each day reading/researching finance news, topics, etc. I was considering purchasing a laptop and setting up WiFi in my home prior to the iPod Touch (yes, I'm a bit behind the curve hehe), but I am now instead considering sticking with a desktop and buying an iPod Touch 2.0 if Apple launches a larger sized model. My personal killer device would be something that allows me to comfortably sit on the couch and quickly browse through a fair bit of Internet content, in a smaller form factor than a laptop.
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  2. The problem with iphone and any future pda's apple makes is that lack of third party software. This is becoming an issue already with the iphone.
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  3. Apple makes an ultrathin "laptop" that has 32 GB of SD RAM, and boots in 13 seconds. Runs Leopard, and also has an optional phone built into it. Under 2.5 lbs. Runs Leopard "full blown" OS is NOT installed on a hard drive.

    Total size is a 10" touch tablet. Too many laptops with "wide" screens don't fit on airplane laps very well.

    Firewire external, SATA external, and output to HDMI and external blue-ray DVD drive.

    Obviously also has Blue Tooth that accepts bluetooth keyboards and mouse and can actually be tilted up on legs to act as a portable monitor. WiMAX and ability to make phone calls via VOIP.

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    iRex iLiad
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    Apple Watch could improve care for cardiac patients
    When the Apple Watch was paired with a machine-learning algorithm, it could accurately spot irregular heartbeats, according to a new study. "Because smartwatches are becoming so common, we believe leveraging these continuous sensors could represent an efficient way to screen for [atrial fibrillation]," said Dr. Gregory Marcus, one of the authors of the study and the director of clinical research in the University of California-San Francisco's Divison of Cardiology.(Modern Healthcare)
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