Next New product from Apple?

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  1. Guys anybody got idea about new product from Apple??

    Some news / rumours on a videogame product? Is that true?
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    i guess apple wont launch new product in this q4...
  3. Mac OS X 'Leopard' - Oct 26
  4. My neighbor ran into a iPhone user at local coffee shop. Upon asking him how he liked the iPhone, he found out that the guy was a regional sales manager for Microsoft.

    According to this guy, word on the street is that Apple's next big release will be way bigger than the iPhone.

    Can't figure out what it would be be a gaming console makes sense...
  5. Is this a firm date?
  6. I bet its an iPhone like device that you can plug into a monitor and keyboard and use as a desktop. Sorta like a VERY small MacMini you can carry around with you.
  7. you guys haven't heard of the iVibrate?
  8. I expect the next big release from Apple to be faster chip sets for their laptops and MacPro computers. The beginning of the new year was the time frame Intel might have the next generation ready for production.

    We might see a quad core MacBook Pro laptop as well as a Mac Pro which pushes beyond their Duo Quad Core (8-cores) as well as beyond 3.0ghz processor speeds.
  9. Companies are jumping out with announcement and rumor that they too are developing touch screen devices.

    Wait a minutes! Don't you see touch screen at Walmart?

    Once dusts settle down, you can tell who has the stylish, the elegance by looking at the well educated upper class hand movement from iPhone owner

    In two years, users with wrong kind of touch phones would be embarrassed even making calls. The iTouch has redefined human hand movement. You don't want behave like a monkey, do you?

    Watch 100M iTouch users switch to iPhone because the way it touches,

    Right, Apple has redefined human hand movement

    So the next big thing has to do with human hand movement, ultrathin multi-touch iBook,
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