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  2. defunct website usually means going out of business soon imo
  3. that was quick... year and half? almost two years and done.
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    actually was driving by main street and looks like they are still there...

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    Look again...
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    The website is now gone... Last time I looked it was switched over to Non english site with David one of the owners on the front page. Now its off line completely and so is their blog... Guess they are out of business...

    Have you been by there, is the place closed...

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    I have problem with Next level trading, I can't reach them , my power disappeared , do you have traders from Next Level trading, somebody do you know how to connect with them :confused:
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    site doesnt work?
  9. Robgreen
    I have the same problem with Next Levell trading.
    Give me your e-mail or phone number to exchange information.
  10. Equity trading Firm, with cheapest commision and guaranteed wining strategy, NextLevelTrading Capital at Flushing New York,

    Pls refer to the following picture for the three owners of Nextleveltrading Capital,

    (1) Kay Tsang, owner;
    (2) David Tsang, Kay's broher, Chief Operating manager;
    (3) Steve Yin, Their cousin, Technical analysist

    They took around $20 million with them and escaped from New York to Canton, China and it¡¯s said the money was disposed to a Caribbean bank.

    Most likely they will continue engaging in the Stock trading business to ¡°get¡± more money, therefore, please make sure to let your trading friends be aware of them and be careful.

    If anyone found them, please call NYPD 109PCT at Flushing at 718 321 2254 and refer to case no. 10579 and there should be a $20,000 reward.

    You can also refer to the following link for the reports from two Chinese newspaper.
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