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  1. So I met with their senior trader (his name was Gil Jo) last week and was very impressed by their coaching and training philosophy. I also learned some pretty interesting TA during the short time that I was there.

    I especially like the fact that the office is very collegial unlike the other firms I "interviewed" for getting my capital. I also checked out his trading blog - and I have to say that I was impressed compared to the other big city prop firms' blogs which was pretty much devoid of any real content - not to mention ugly chart analysis.

    Anyone have any feedback. I plan on joining their firm and wanted to get any other traders' thoughts.

  2. Nothing bad to say? At all?

    I know that they're a smaller firm compared to the other Manhattan firms I interviewed. But I felt like I would receive better training. Not to mention that I trust them more.

    I was looking to join a Jewish prop but I think I feel more safe here.

    Please let me know if anyone has any insight. Thx
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    Currently a day trader with them trading remotely.

    I received training and continuing to get coaching from Gil.

    I understand charts. I don't have a handle yet on my emtions and feel that I'm getting some really good psychology advise.

    I would recommend them. I'm making roughly $200-300 per day. Not bad considering I blew 2 accounts at 2 other prop firms.

    Good luck!
  4. What commissions you pay and what profit split ?
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    I pay 55 cents/100 share cents since I'm not a very big trader but they told me that I could get it down to about 35 cents/100 shares if I average about 1 million shares monthly. Plus full ECN rebates which really helps my PNL.

    My profit split is 95% which is okay with me. I'd trade 5% for good trader coaching and mentoring anytime. My last 2 firms gave me 100% payout but never trained me well enough to take it. lol

    If you've never been to their office, you should give Gil a visit. Nice office with lots of trader interaction and respect amongst everyone - which was seriously lacking at my previous firms. I really like the environment there but prefer remote since I live far from Queens. No desk fees! I was paying $400/month in Manhattan.

    Good luck!

  6. Interesting.I got good vibes from the way Gil explained his training and coaching.I'm also a very big believer of judging quality of firm by company blogs and hig blog seems to beat most other firms and expert traders.His market calls the last 2 weeks were pretty insane.

    How many monitors would I get at the office?

  7. where do you trade now?
  8. A Jewish prop firm? :D

  9. DO they require a series 7 or are thy a member of chicago pr phildelphia
    Where is their office
    How mch is the minimum deposit
    what software are they using - >
  10. i think theyre closed.
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