Next Intel CPU + Chipset when and worth waiting for?

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    Have to upgrade another PC, don't know whether to buy Core i7 2600 or 2700 3.5 and Z68 main-board now, or should I wait for the next one (expected when)? What are the features /speed upgrades? Buy the next one or buy i72600 and Z68 when price goes down on new release?

    Understand a Z68 main-board will take the next release CPU - maybe with Bios upgrade?

    I prefer overkill on a trading PC as I am multitasking on the main one and so prefer to keep my blood pressure low by not waiting long for anything to load/complete. I will pay up for this rather than for my personality false economy of min spec to run charts.

    Asking here as this is where I get the best answers.
  2. next up for intel is the ivy-bridge cpu's (Q1, 2012) which is the same architecture as the current sandy bridge cpu's with a process shrink to 22 nm. most likely you'll see single digit percent improvement. if you want over-kill get the just released top-o-the-line 6 core i7 3960 or 3930 for multitasking. it's also the same sandy bridge architecture with a shrink due in about a year.
  3. i7-2600 is very fast. Whatever replaces it on the new X79 mobo will be even faster... maybe 50%.

    Current i7 will not be compatible with X79 mobo. i7 is socket 1155 ... X79 is socket 2011.
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    Ok so technically I can buy a X79 Mainboard now as per

    but unless I buy a i73930/3960 at $650/$1000 I have to wait for the new 2011 socket CPU that replaces the i7 26000 price points?

    Any idea when that will be ? Q1 12 I know, but any idea which month?

    Actually the above MB/high end CPU are not actually in Thailand yet and may be just a bit too much overkill :).
  5. Leading edge computer stuff is always expensive..
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    Agree, but I am trying to work out how long before it is in an equivelant bracket to e.g the i7 2600K now and z68 main-boards or the time to when the current i72600/z68 will drop in price when the new models come out. Maybe they will be enough or maybe there will be such a step up in performance it may be worthwhile to wait for the new chip to come down.

    Was thinking of buying 2600/z68 this weekend but thought i would check how long before price drop or new models.......................
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    I think "crush" is overstating it. The big differences in the first chart come from the onboard graphics differences. If graphics performance is a concern then its not likely you would be using the onboard graphics in either case.

    In terms of actual cpu performance the gains are more modest:

    7% improvement in SYSmark 2012 score
    14% improvement in HDXPRT 2011 score
    15% improvement in Cinebench 11.5 score
    13% improvement in ProShow Gold 4.5 results
    25% improvement in Excel 2010 performance

    17% faster performance in 3DMark Vantage Performance Preset - CPU benchmark

    Edit: Hey, where is the original post I quoted? It appears to have vanished...
  8. Intel loves you
  9. Im sticking with my i5-750, no more than a 3 second lag in quotes.
  10. faster.

    now = .00000001 second

    faster = .000000001 second.

    wow, those hft guys better run for their lives
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