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  1. Not sure what TWS is, but can I use this in place of a computer monitor?
  2. would have to test it to see if its feasible for trading, especially with multiple charts. That thing better be feather light. Who would want to wear something that starts to tug on your head after a while...
  3. 720p on a 12 foot screen is going to look pretty...ragged.
  4. nah it looks great due to the oled screen which has the best blacks, and there is no glass like tvs to reduce the brightness/contrast especially for 3d. It's all soldout, i am hoping one of the sony b&m still has one.

    it will be sick playing 3d ps3 games on this thing.
  5. A golf cart you wear on your head. Nice, but no thanks.
  6. do you get a propeller beanie to go with it..........
  7. boo atticus! go check it out in one of the sony stores, it will change your mind!! promise!
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    720p is not so great. 1080p monitors are a bare minimum to do any work on, and one needs multiple 1080p's for anything intensive like trading.

    Also, with goggles, one can only have a single monitor!...
  9. 720p is indeed too coarse for an equivalent of a 150" screen. Kind of like going to an IMAX theatre to see the projection of a grainy movie made in the 70's.
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